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  1. GM Warns Dealers Against Market Adjustments on Z06

    Hopefully they do, and raise the bar back to acceptable customer service levels. The pandemic has done a number on everything in that department.
  2. Oxford White Wildtrak with Stealth PPF Wrap + Ceramic Coat

    Take a video! I'd love to see more
  3. Found Bronco Raptor w/ interior red trim accents and Ranger Raptors

    Great, Christmas colors. Are the people in charge of this color blind?
  4. Why are they saying Bronco's resale value is so terrible?

    I would say they're predicting such high depreciation numbers because Fords in general tend to depreciate quite a bit thanks to their not so stellar track record and being perceived by the general public as unreliable. I would think just based on the amount of off-roading equipment on these they...
  5. Owner claims rear window shattered when the door was opened

    Agreed, and anyone else who has this problem should do the same. They can only get away with what they're allowed to get away with. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this in the future based on the window drop issues people have been reporting.
  6. Have Final Production numbers for First Edition been made public?

    They will probably try their hardest not to release that info and admit their shortcomings.
  7. Anybody else get this email from Ford that I think is a scam?

    What email address did it come from? Those are usually a dead giveaway for a scam
  8. e-Bronco - Thoughts?

    I would love a hybrid to help out with the gas mileage situation and the sad range provided by the tiny gas tank. I don't think we're quite there yet as far as infrastructure goes for full electric. I'm curious, does a hybrid still run if the electric motor dies completely just on the combustion...
  9. Navy pier hate

    I'm still mad I can't get that Nintendo-esque color scheme from the reveal. Make it happen @Ford Motor Company
  10. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 31 so far [Jan 21 update]

    Anyone making excuses for Ford on this one is failing to acknowledge that the reason Ford stock was so low prior to the Bronco announcement is because they have had a history of producing cars with major failures and then failing to fix them. Just look at those 2012-on transmissions in the...