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  1. How many miles should be on your bronco when you receive

    Mine had 13 miles at pickup.
  2. Ford Account vs Ford Accessories Account

    You have to make a separate Ford Accessories account.
  3. Bronco Delivery Day Count

    Hey guys, I never got an assembly line pic. Any way to find out if was was taken and just not sent? Any help would be muchly appreciated! It's the only missing piece to my Bronco journey mosaic.
  4. Delivered A Week Ago

    It took 2 weeks before I got my extra 20,000.
  5. New drop! Rear shocks armor skid plate cover by ASFIR

    Very nice indeed!
  6. Murraydog11

    Jersey / East Cost Bronco

    I'm in as soon as I get my bash plates installed.
  7. Emergency Rain Cover for MIC?

    SUNRIDER FOR HARDTOP FORD 2021-2022 BRONCO $899.99 - $999.99
  8. Underbody aluminum skidplates and protection by ASFIR 4x4

    Any chance on getting a distributor in the states? I would buy in a second if the shipping weren't so brutal. I know you're giving 50% off, but still...
  9. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar UPDATE: POLL ADDED

    My end of Dec. built 2 dr non-Squached 2.7 w/tow, does not have it. It does have the holes for it.
  10. Wireless android auto????

    My Galaxy Note 8 works perfectly. Works in tandem with Ford Pass as well.
  11. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Just put mine in. Came last night. Love this thing! Thanks Curtis!
  12. Damage at Off-Rodeo -- anyone been charged for it?

    It was worth the $75 bucks for peice of mind when I decided to take some of the tougher lines in NH.
  13. Installed Archetype Racing BYOD Rail - Tech Bronze

    Just put mine in! Came last night. Love this thing!
  14. Not a bash poll more of opinion poll on do I buy my Bronco knowing about the 2.7 Motor issues?

    You get on planes (I assume) knowing they could, and have, crashed... Law of averages says you'll be OK.
  15. Ford Pass Reward Points

    I got an additional 20,000 early reservation points after the 42,000 points,12 days after I took delivery. So a total of 62,000.