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  1. Rough Country Winch plate for modular bumper (Coming soon)

    I know there is some question from some on the quality of their parts, but the ideas and designs look good (at least in theory). IMO, that bumper has good lines...the wide and the narrow version! I really hope they come up with 2.7 oil cooler relocation option for that skid plate/winch...
  2. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    Nice work...looks great IMO. I'm think matte black letters w/ white back light on black grill/oxford white body is gonna look AMAZING! Also, I like the matte black wrap on the hood...a must!
  3. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 3

    Excellent...really like what I'm seeing. Just need a price!?
  4. Bumpers: Aftermarket Bumper List

    I SO love the RC option, but they MUST come up with a 2.7 option w/ oil cooler relocate. Otherwise, I'm holding out for the FunHaver & Icon options. Both prototypes look great with approach. I'm not afraid to do a little grill-trimming to get it tucked in nice and tight. Can't stand seeing...
  5. Broncos perform with Jeeps at Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Great vid...good driving & spotting. Nice to see a local boy out there doin it. Did you make that front bumper and those rock sliders? I like. 👍
  6. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    Looking good John!...ALMOST ready to make the switch from MIC to OEM soft top. Any chance we'll get a price on the next (17th) release? If the price is reasonable, I'm IN. Of course, I'm local and shipping/freight charges would not apply, so the decision is much easier. Logistical costs for...
  7. Underbody aluminum skidplates and protection by ASFIR 4x4

    Nice looking product...the performance/functionality will depend on the type of driving being done. Quick question: Are this shipping from a U.S. distribution point or over seas?
  8. Metalcloak Introductory Giveaway - Undercloak Skid Plate System For 4-Door Bronco!

    Thanks for designing such a stellar kit for the Bronco! Should have my Oxford White 4dr Badlands some time this Spring. I'm gonna need all the armor I can muster for CA/UT trails! Cheers. 😎✌
  9. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    Modular please...also interested to see if the white version matches the Oxford white? I'd probably roll with black anyway.
  10. Impressive rock crawling by stock Bronco Badlands Sasquatch @ Sand Hollow [Lite Brite]

    SO GODANG COOL! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see what upgrades y'all do.
  11. Vinyl Hood Graphics - DESPERATELY SEARCHING

    Precious...just precious. 😂
  12. My first 24hrs: snow storm, freezing rain and a bit of snow inside!

    Congrats to you! Nice looking rig.👍
  13. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 1

    Signed UP!...please give us B6G folks some good info over the next 1-2 weeks so I can (finally) drop the MIC on my Badlands order. ✌😎
  14. Advanced Fiberglass Hard Tops - development & info

    I'm SO temped to drop the MIC, but I gotta have some assurance that a better option is coming. Advanced is local for me too...can't wait to see what options they come up with. Plus, I kinda want their hood and maybe those 2" wide fenders too! I'm going to need to move to a cheaper zip code...
  15. New Product R&D: Magnetic Body Panel Armor for Bronco

    Optimistically watching this thread
  16. Hello from the UAE (Badlands Sasquatch 4 door)

    Well done...Cactus Gray was my 2nd choice after oxford white. Thanks for the write up and video. Love the miniature front license plates you have there! We need something smaller in the states, at least for the front anyway. Cheers.
  17. Nitto Ridge Grappler 35s - Feedback?

    Just my 2 pennies - I've had KO2s and Ridge Grapplers on my Trailhawk recently. The BFG KO2s were very soft, wore quickly (toast at 25K) and made a ton of road noise. Ridge Grapplers seem to be a harder compound, roll quiet/smooth and seem to last a lot longer. Really happy with the...
  18. Rock Crawling a 2-Door Base w/ No Lockers, Manual Transmission -- @ Holcomb Creek Trail in Southern California

    Great video...can't wait to work up to this level. Quick question: What brand is that front winch bumper on the ICON Bronco? Love it.
  19. Bronco likes the Snow!!

    Ford marketing might be coming to you for a couple of those photos! Authentic and very cool. I just stole one for a screen shot on my laptop...LOL. Well done.
  20. A Bronco Badlands Story, Impressions, Trip & Build

    Very cool...couple things: 1. I love what you did with that roof case!! Now I know what I'm doing with that old Yakama case that's been sitting/collecting dust in my garage! 2. Who knew you could move that ugly key pad to the fuel door!?1? I specifically didn't get that option because they...