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  1. Custom Image Sill Guards NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    Just ordered a set! Thanks for the thread. One note... probably need to make a note on the site that you have to have an account to put anything in your cart for purchase. Thx.
  2. Ditch your Fridge Magnets - Adhesive backed Heritage Bronco Fender Badges by BroncoDepotUSA

    Looks like you ordered JIT... Stic shut down their "Bronco" products yesterday and Vortex raised their price again to $124 for base black. Sounds like Ford wants their cut!
  3. My first 24hrs: snow storm, freezing rain and a bit of snow inside!

    Original order early last year was a Wildtrak, Lux pkg. As soon as Ford announced the shut down in production with the hard top, and with supply issues with the Lux, I switched my order to an OBX, SAS, Soft top, High pkg in August. Just picked mine up last week, and I don't regret the switch a...
  4. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Follow up for those in DFW... picked up my OBX_SAS yesterday at Bob Tomes in McKinney. Absolutely no issues... never any hint of trying to charge an ADM or anything above MSRP. So anyone looking for a good dealer to work with in DFW... I would put Bob Tomes on the list.
  5. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Anything to add from working at Bob Tomes? Or, better yet things to watch for? My Bronco is actually in the Fort Worth rail yard waiting to be transported to McKinney. Thx.
  6. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Thanks for the feedback... they've been great to deal with, responsive, put up with my wife emailing every week, provided a tracking # for the rail car and so on. Looking forward to picking mine up in the next few days!
  7. Price Gouging @ Westway Ford Irving Texas

    Just left a 1 star Google review... heading to the other sites now. Best of luck!! My Bronco just got off the train in Fort Worth... Bob Tomes in McKinney has been great so far, hopefully I don't run into any of this BS when I go to pick mine up!
  8. Badlands 2 door on 37s no lift.... [37x12.50r17 Thompson Baja Boss MTs + Black Rhino Garison Beadlocks with +0 offset]

    Agreed... did the Off-Roadeo in Austin over the weekend and was trailing a non-SAS. I felt bad he skid, hit and bashed multiple times and I think I only had one tiny skid all day in my 4D SAS. My wife is even now a full SAS believer!
  9. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    Reserved 7/17/21, as 4Dr Wildtrak Cactus Grey/Lux Shifted to 4Dr Outerbanks soft top/High on 8/23/21 Feeling lucky... got VIN email, yesterday!