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  1. Are they a true 315/70r17?

    Wow. The Goodyear is clearly not as wide as claimed. Or the Notto’s are far wider than claimed. Those concerned about sidewall compression due to the stack simply need to look at the top tire… there’s nothing there to compress on the Goodyear… it’s simply a pizza cutter tire.
  2. Undecided on Tire to buy

    I’m curious… what is your opinion of the Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003? They look good, are reasonably priced, seem to perform well in the snow and wet but I haven’t taken them in the rocks yet. They don’t seem very popular. They are marketed as being quiet for MT but I haven’t got anything to...
  3. How to mount maxtrax boards to factory roof rack?

    I’ve used Yakima Mighty Mounts on other racks that might work well on the Bronco. They basically clamp around the factory cross beam and provide a nice way to get a vertical upright bolt in place that you can then slide the boards over, and then tighten down with a threaded knob or wing nut to...
  4. Basic Recovery Gear?

    I recently did a bunch of research into this myself. The popular choice these days for recovery is a kinetic rope instead of a strap. They stretch more than a strap which is important to absorb the shock. Unfortunately, they are expensive but thanks to a video review someone did, I discovered...
  5. Last Call: Manual vs. Auto.. Why? (HELP!!)

    Don’t overlook the fun factor of a possible dropped valve and blown engine with the auto. :p But seriously, it’s a very personal decision. In my case, if I had a stop-and-go traffic commute I would never consider a manual. But as it is, I work from home and my FJ (I’m out of the queue for a...
  6. Much to do about Crashbars

    After seeing this crash test video I just don’t believe a light weight bolted on hollow bar is going to do anything useful at all...
  7. Lite Brite Bronco Crawls Fawlty Towers

    There’s clearly not a lot of over-engineering or margin in the stock setup. In fact, I remember reading that that stock 35s were a late addition - not a design goal. And probably why the front end on the Raptor is totally different.
  8. Rate MIC 2.0

    This whole roof thing is a debacle. How can Ford be selling this shit?
  9. Enough Broncos are being delivered that we're seeing them on the road occasionally

    One of my challenges with the Bronco, is that a $70K CAD loaded BL version doesn’t look any notably different than a base model for a lot less… inside and out. And for either to look great z(as with any vehicle really), you need to spend a bunch of added money on mods. Plus having some of the...
  10. Enough Broncos are being delivered that we're seeing them on the road occasionally

    True, but it didn’t make me feel anything looking at it in person. Maybe I’m desensitized from hanging out here but it just didn’t grab me.
  11. Got scheduled, now getting worried about ADM, advice please

    Lots of negative energy here because the whole launch has been a shit show from the start and it continues unabated.
  12. Enough Broncos are being delivered that we're seeing them on the road occasionally

    I saw one recently parked. Underwhelming. Glad I’m out of the queue. I’m still potentially interested in a mid-cycle refresh, but will seriously compare with the next gen 4Runner.
  13. Broncos out for the day after Christmas run

    Anyone know what tire/wheel size the Bronco on the far right is running? I like it.
  14. Adjusting headlights after a lift? What method?

    The approved method is that they should be 2-2.5” below the centre line... Not “at” the centre line... But I see the Bronco Owners manual just says below the centre line. Let’s say your lights are at 30” above the ground, you should have the cutoff at or below 30“ at 25’. Now if you add a 3”...
  15. Adjusting headlights after a lift? What method?

    Has anyone done a headlight adjustment after a lift? What technique did you use for adjusting them? It seems the conventional method is to mark your bulb height on a wall and backup 25’ and adjust the cutoff so it’s a couple inches below that mark... so effectively they are pointed down at a...
  16. Trail Control in deep snow doesn't quite do what I want

    Looks like the SAS 35s. On the topic of this thread… it seems odd that trail control struggles here. Isn’t it basically a slow cruise control?
  17. Blksn955.o DIY inflator setup (4 tire air up / air down system)

    Nice setup. Well done. For me, I don’t see the benefit of this vs airing up one at a time really. You still have to connect and disconnect all four tires and it’s a lot more stuff to pack and unpack. Also, if you want to run slightly higher pressures on the front for optimal mileage and...
  18. Built Badlands with 40's (non SAS) vs built Jeep Wrangler on the rocks

    Looks like they got the steering sorted. Although it's not clear what the weak point was or what they fixed. I think one thing that needs to be said is that Kevin is an excellent driver. Poise, finesse, throttle control, line choice, etc. Perhaps he has a lower crawl ratio than many others...
  19. 4 Door BigBend Full Send Jump!! 🚀🚀🚀

    Clear puff of smoke from the front wheel wells on landing indicates rubbing under full compression. Interesting.