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  1. Who Is BAMF?

    Thanks for the quick response. Do you guys have rock rail/sidesteps planned at all? And is there a 6g forum discount code by any chance? Also, are the Warn Evo winches the only ones that fit in there? Sorry, no more questions after those 3. Lol
  2. Who Is BAMF?

    Does the bumper install on a base sasquatch with a plastic bumper without any modifications needed? I’m interested in a hidden winch bumper and considering some options. I saw some required sawing off parts of the frame.
  3. Who Is BAMF?

    Thanks for the detail. They should add that to the description. With all the different trims and options, I have no idea if what’s going to be simple plug and play and requiting modification.
  4. M&R Automotive 40" ROOF MOUNT LIGHTBAR KIT

    I filled out the form on their website and got a call from katzskins and talked to a guy who sounded very shady who quoted me $3,670 for heat and vent. I’m like, yeah that’s way more than I expected. Even without cooling, its $2,736 installed or $2,430 for one standard color. Couldn’t really...
  5. M&R Automotive 40" ROOF MOUNT LIGHTBAR KIT

    Cool. I’d like to see nighttime illumination with the rail off and on so I could make an informed decision.
  6. Oracle Lighting Amber Black Illuminated Grill Letters Installed

    I requested amber lights on here back when white was first shown, but the price point is keeping it far down my list of mods. Was hoping for a more aggressive forum discount. I’m still interested, but have way more urgent places for my money to go for now in my aftermarket budget. It’s just not...
  7. Base steering wheel replacement?

    Could you elaborate on the different A/C controller and if this is a difficult swap for someone who hasn’t done it before?
  8. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 3

    If it’s even in this neighborhood, it will be DOA.
  9. M&R Automotive 40" ROOF MOUNT LIGHTBAR KIT

    Still no footage of this in action or am I missing it?
  10. Rough Country nudge bar installed

    Wish someone had both so we could see in reality and not product photos.
  11. Rough Country nudge bar installed

    I have the 2.3 L. Still on the fence between a few options, but leaning that way.
  12. Rough Country nudge bar installed

    I wonder if that small gap in the side profile photo is to accommodate the winch mount and skid plate. That would be ideal since I would probably do that as well if I went with this option.
  13. Rough Country nudge bar installed

    Funny. I think it looks dramatically better than OEM where it is placed. At least there’s something for everyone out there.
  14. JcrOffroad - Armor prototyping begins!

    That’s fantastic. Does it bolt on easily? I saw some bumpers needed to saw off body pieces if you had a plastic bumper. Is that not the case with this one? I’ll look out for the install video as well.
  15. JcrOffroad - Armor prototyping begins!

    If this can replace my plastic bumper easily, I think I finally found my bumper. I’ve been looking at different ones nonstop and this is the first I really would consider.
  16. JcrOffroad - Armor prototyping begins!

    It is funny because it seems us plastic bumper plebes would be most likely to have to upgrade to a steel bumper. Someone who dropped $1,200 (or whatever is is) optioning a mod bumper is probably sticking with that. At least for the first few years. But I saw their response and understand that it...
  17. Custom Image Sill Guards NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    I would love to see how the grabber blue looks on the Velocity Blue, since it doesn’t seem like you offer a Velocity Blue option in the color drop down. If it looks really off, I’d probably just go with the orange look since it looks cool against blue anyway. But a preview would really help. And...
  18. Update on Patriot Fastbacks hardtops for Bronco - preview images & pricing

    If they toned down that slant on the second design, it would be amazing. Feels too aggressive and like it would sacrifice too much cargo space. I want this design with the slant of the ADV.
  19. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    I second this. Will it be compatible with door storage bags in the back? I really wanted a sunroof option, but am still open if it’s compatible with that Bimini top as well and if this comes under the price of MIC 2.0.