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  1. Had to reverse in lessons!

    Did as you asked. Here is the first video that came up. Sweeeeet (Cartman voice)
  2. Drop Trailer Tow Package and install aftersale?

    I looked through this thread... Have not searched to see if this was answered elsewhere on the forum... Those that have 360 (BLIS) on their Bronco order. I have a question. But first a reference point... On our 2018 Lariat F-150 with the tow package... BLIS extended to the trailer in tow. So...
  3. For 22...what makes a wildtrak a wildtrak? A grille and a sticker?

    Two things that keep me "right now" from the OB. It forces the ruining boards and does not allow for full bash plates. And the build and price is broken still for the WT. But I do believe the WT has the least amount of options to the drivetrain. When we made our original day one order we had...
  4. Wow my Hot Pepper Red Bronco came in a week early ğŸ˜Ž

    Congratulations! Those are the best types of surprises. And I must say. Seeing that color in the wild now, WOW. PHAT!
  5. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 3

    I am recognizing that I am very likely to be in the minority here... My wife LOVES open top whenever possible. However, our pets and friends. Not so much. We have a Bronco that checks "All" the "You cannot have until 2023 at the earliest" items as must haves. Bottom line. We are hoping to...
  6. Found Bronco Raptor w/ interior red trim accents and Ranger Raptors

    Boy oh boy. I sure hope this Brapter lights the tires when officially announced/presented. Because the more I see it. The more I become less and less excited for one. I start considering all the wonderful tweaks I can make to any other version of a Bronco for much less that the asking price plus...
  7. No Dash Display - Went Black

    I seem to have more success leaving the battery unplugged for 30 minutes than 5. So many computers with very little power draw, seems to take a while for all the power to dissipate compared to years past. Unlike the old days of large capacitors being needed for faster startups (Storing power...
  8. UNBELIEVABLE!! [Ford Dealers Can Now Ban Customers From Reselling Vehicles]

    Weeeeeeeell. Not the same. The GT has been a special program. Most got asked early on (Special folks to Ford. Ask me how I know) if they wanted one, others ordered but only after agreeing. Not to mention the number of GT's that a dealership ordered and had sit in their inventory was a...
  9. Midland MXT575 MicroMobile® GMRS two-way radio & MTX500

    Looks like we are going to have a smaller option with 50w of power...®two-way-radio And the MTX500 is coming next week (According the email I got from Midland this morning)
  10. Oh Sh!$ 2 Door Bronco with custom glass hardtop rolls over on trail

    That sucks... I wonder if this is the result of learning where the front end actually was? No spotter? It looks to much "Left with the steering wheel" and the rear end came up on it. From my computer seat... That terrain looks pretty easy to have a bad day in any vehicle... Oh, and sarcastic...
  11. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 1

    Can we put a real rack on this top that can handle my wife's packing for "Day tips" 🤪 Seriously... I would like space for our two full sized dogs and me when we go on a trip. I want everything else on the roof...
  12. My Eruption Green 2022 Bronco delivered!

    Beautiful! And saaay whaaaat! Painted door handles on a 2022? Must be the OB's only now?
  13. The Eagle has Landed!!!

    Looking forward to you build. I must say, the Raptor rims look fantastic on the Bronco! Definitely in my top three of most liked.
  14. Best practices for parking with doors off?

    A lot of good advice in this thread. Here, let me fix that... Just leave a handful of empty "Covid test" boxes tossed around where you know they can see them. Problem solved... :alien:
  15. DIY Budget Bumper Pocket Light Setup

    Well done! There can be several good things that come of this. It is your story, enjoy the ride! And how dare you do what you want to do with your own Bronco. Blasphemy‼:ROFLMAO: BTW... With these only having a single mounting point, you may get vibrations in certain conditions. When I did...
  16. Badlands shut off at light abruptly

    Agreed... I was not trying to diagnose or make assumptions with this one. I was just responding to what the OP posted as the result of the dealerships findings. That said... We are still learning the sensitivity/complexity of all the electronics to these new vehicles and my first reaction was...
  17. Badlands shut off at light abruptly

    Well that is a lot better news than we have been seeing! To me, that is just normal stuff that happens.
  18. Resolved to my satisfaction

    This should not be deleted! Why delete success? Or should we just now ignore any future such threads knowing it will just be erased? Should it not remain for the record and pressures for others?
  19. Rest in peace Betty White

    Better not be Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris!