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  1. Video by Lite Brite: Trail Damage on Our Ford Bronco & New Rock Sliders!
  2. HVAC Climate Control Auto 3 Lights- what do they mean?

    I really like the adjustment. I leave it on the three dots all the time in my Tremor. Once it reaches temp, it just cruises but then when I am running errands, it cools/heats quickly instead of taking forever. My wife just doesn’t seem to get the auto temp deal. She wants to adjust the temp...
  3. Rock Rails, Side Steps, and Sliders.

    Just watched the video. Those look really good on the Bronco. With the work Next Venture is doing on the skids, I kinda wonder if they’ll have an option to tie in the sliders to the skids/frame vs. the body mount.
  4. Anyone own a Rousch Bronco

    No one owns a “Rousch” Bronco. There is no “C” in it. One of my largest pet peeves as it’s my last name as well.
  5. Did you finance or pay cash?

    Bounce the check to the undertaker!
  6. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Got my baby picture as well!
  7. Did you finance or pay cash?

    I’ve got 15% to put down. The rest will be financed. All of our vehicles get put on a 60-month (Or what fits for a payment) then we pay off in 3-4 years. too many boomers in here that will say “you shouldn’t buy a vehicle unless you can pay cash”
  8. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    Three different credit unions, all quoting the best credit score.
  9. You think we could get Godzilla?

    I’m not saying the dyno (or you) is wrong, just the seat of my pants while driving mine. The transmission applies that torque well enough that you don’t really feel it.
  10. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Oh heyyyyyy. On the train to CO now! Eruption Green 2-doors UNITE!
  11. You think we could get Godzilla?

    *Big Block….. As pointed out, the 7.3 doesn’t really “come on like a beast”. It’s very tame through the 10-speed until you want. Then it’s pulling hard all the way to red line.
  12. You think we could get Godzilla?

    Oh no doubt. It’s just adjusting from a FA to a NA motor. The 7.3 pulls like a freight train and reminds me of the V10’s of how the power comes on. I made the conscious choice to get a 7.3. My only point this whole time with people dogging EB motors is that they haven’t driven them. Needing...
  13. You think we could get Godzilla?

    The Godzilla doesn’t come onto its torque until like 4K (in stock truck form). I’ve got the Godzilla in my Tremor and it’s a fun motor. I came off a 3.5EB so I had to get used to letting the motor eat to get to the torque. It is indeed a small package.
  14. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    Dang. Local Credit Unions in CO are running 3.25% for 60 and north of 4% for 72. Dealer is claiming his rates aren’t any better than the CU’s
  15. Flourman

    Colorado Bronco Club

    I’m almost certain that the vehicles coming into the Denver metro, come into that rail yard. IIRC, there is a rail yard up round Cheyenne too.
  16. Operating Limits of Stock CV Joints?

    There’s a reason the two people I’ve seen running 4600 class bronco’s are running portal boxes. Keep that CV angle low and strong but get the lift at the wheel.
  17. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    So I see there is a thread about MY22’s that are coming with rear sway bars. Can anyone that has taken delivery confirm theirs has a rear sway bar?
  18. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar UPDATE: POLL ADDED

    That’s how they put them in on the rear axle. Trucks, SUV’s with rear sway have all looked that way.