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  1. Hello From StickerFab!

    Bought many items from you all as you know. Thanks for your efforts and for creating so many awesome ways to enhance our Broncos. Definitely an advocate of your products!!
  2. The million dollar mudflap fix (for Squatch rock fling)

    I'm very happy with my mud flaps and my bronco stays safe from the tires throwing debris back entirely now. I'm sure anyone behind me appreciates them too.
  3. Bronco Raptor Reveal Monday 1/24 @ 6AM EST!

    Everything around here has been at msrp or more for a long while. A few exceptions for people they have close relationships with but otherwise that's the deal. And where they really stick people is on the back end of the deal. Most people will be paying big mark ups on ltd production vehicles...
  4. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar UPDATE: POLL ADDED

    So would it be beneficial to add it if you don't have it or not? Was there a reason it was originally left off?
  5. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    Every vehicle I've ever had with dual auto climate control has shown the Temps on the knobs.
  6. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    Wow that's some freaking weak sauce!!
  7. Any other long haulers get their original reservation $100 refunded?

    Mine was refunded over a yr ago for some reason, but never affected my reservation.
  8. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    Okay.. and. That isn't 1.29% and I got 1.99 for 72 months a few months ago on my truck, but 2.29 was as good as bofa would do now with an over 800 fico and almost 40% down. Subtle rate changes can vary by state etc but they aren't going down to 1.29% on 72 months
  9. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    He said for 72 months. Their rate for 60 months is sub 2.0%. And he said 1.29% for 72 months which isn't possible.
  10. Sasquatch decals?
  11. What are you using for MUD FLAPS?

    Had a set on my 2019 raptor for less than a month and replaced with gatorbacks. I didn't like the insubstantial way that they installed. We're definitely not very heavy duty either. But at least they will be another option for people.
  12. What are you using for MUD FLAPS?

    Mine, but you can get non branded cheaper here: Very well constructed, bottom halves removable, door and rocker panel saviors!
  13. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    Awful. And you can't add air if tire goes low on a trip, you have to find nitrogen and good luck with that.
  14. Extended warranty - good value buy?

    Ford esps cap off at 8 years in maximum duration. So this would have to be with an after mkt company and would be essentially worthless and of little value to you. We never offered after mkt warranties as they were rip offs. Dealers use them because there is HUGE markups in them over...
  15. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    That offer doesn't exist. Only way to get a rate that low is for dealer to buy it down. So no way you got 1.29 for 72 months with bofa. But I'm glad to move on also as you aren't going to come clean on this. We will agree to disagree on this one. However, I hope you enjoy your new Bronco, and...
  16. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    True, but the rep made it very clear that a rate of 1.29% for that length of loan is not offered nor would it be under any circumstances. So again, no one needs to be led on that this rate is attainable when it is not.
  17. Lowest Possible Interest Rate

    A 1.29% rate is not offered through bofa. Not on 72 months, so I didn't want anyone expecting that.
  18. Extended warranty - good value buy?

    And who is the warranter? Can't be Ford.