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  1. B&O and Base Speaker Size and Location

    I'll echo the comments above that the B&O far exceeded my expectations. After having my dealer's mannequin (standard audio) for about 2 weeks while my F150 was in the shop, I just knew I was going to have to replace the speakers. After picking it up on Tuesday and driving it for the first couple...
  2. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    That wheel and tire combo looks nice!
  3. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Scott, any movement on your Bronco? Has to be soon, right?
  4. CORRECTION - Damaged in transit. Was: Dealer says my Bronco may be "missing"? WTF

    Glad you got it figured out and it sounds like they have a reasonable resolution to the problem.
  5. Did you finance or pay cash?

    Traded in my paid for Raptor - dealership wrote me a check after the deal was done.
  6. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Couple of observations and notes from picking up the Bronco today: 1. The hard top definitely still has wind noise. I understand it's still a convertible top vehicle but I guess I expected it to be less. 2. I noticed a few scratches on the hard top. Nothing that kept me from taking delivery...
  7. Husky Floor Liners Mats vs Ford Factory Floor Liners - pics & review

    Also, how is the thickness on the rear mats? The rear on the Raptors were thinner than the fronts as it was a much larger mat. Just curious how the rear on the Bronco compares to the rears that I had on the F150.
  8. Husky Floor Liners Mats vs Ford Factory Floor Liners - pics & review

    Do you have your Bronco yet? Carpet or washout floor? Curious on the fit of the x-act contours as that's what I've had in my Raptor and they've been great. The weatherbeaters look like they fit nice but someone here also mentioned that Husky recommends the X-act for washout floor, which is what...
  9. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    If it were me and planned on getting it despite the fact that they are throwing those add-ons in, I'd ask them what they'll take as an ADM and just leave all of the crap out. Tinted windows aren't the worst but they likely only need to tint the front two side windows to match the back so maybe...
  10. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Got the call this afternoon!
  11. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Wondering how many people on the Google Sheet have received their Bronco but forgot to update their delivery status.
  12. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Did yours ever get delivered?
  13. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Did yours ever get delivered?
  14. Driving around and saw a Jeep

    It's the #1 driver sign - they just wanted to tell you that you are #1
  15. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Looks like about a third of the Broncos on the Google Sheets tracker are yet to be delivered for one reason or another. Here's hoping that number goes down soon.
  16. The Midland MXT500 50w GMRS mobile radio is finally out

    Here's a great video that TrailRecon made installing a Midland MXT275 in a Bronco.
  17. Truckload of 2022's

    Frustrating to see 2022's being delivered with so many still waiting on their 2021 model year to either be delivered or even released from MAP.
  18. Am I the only one annoyed by interior storage?

    I used to drive a 2-door Ford Ranger in high school and college. Talk about almost zero interior storage.