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  1. Custom Image Sill Guards NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    Is the price for a PAIR or do I need quantity 2?
  2. 🛠 2/14/2022 Build Week Group

    I am a 7/18/20 res holder. Badlands, 2dr, MT. Original order was 2/23/21. Converted again 10/23. I was showing build week 2/14 through the back door link but moved up this week to 2/7. Have not had any emails from Ford or heard from dealer. optimistic my dealer will keep pricing...
  3. Check your Bronco order status using back door link. Found out I'm In-Production without email received

    You made my day!! Mine I am a July 18, 2020 reservation (2-door, MT, Badlands)... According to this week of Feb 14. And, NO EMAIL.
  4. How much longer will I be waiting???

    My dates and build are nearly identical to yours. No VIN. I’m at mullinax Ford in New Smyrna Beach, FL. keeping my build as is after driving a 2 door all day at offroadeo. Just being patient.
  5. Last date to convert reservation

    So Gary Yeomans finally reached out to me in the last week to see if I wanted to convert my email. When I asked about their policy regarding additional dealer markup the response was, "I can't comment on that you will need to talk to the sales department." I am thinking about moving my...
  6. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    53, badlands 2d with manual transmission! my car. but I also have an expedition for hauling the family.
  7. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    The May 28 email was the worst! I took it like, hey you ordered a bronco, you know there are all these problems, good luck. If that email had listed different specifications and more details about what or was not available and had a link to go modifier orders it would’ve made more sense. Or at...
  8. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    Waiting to see what happens Thursday. Or next week Thursday
  9. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    It was a tough call. I have an expedition with factory tow. But, in the end row for me is for a bike rack or extended cargo rack to throw a cooler and gear on. At 3500 lbs on a small wheel base it will be used for jet skis or a uhaul, something light. I still feel it will be several more...
  10. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    Mid package. Tow package - my understanding is it is nothing more than the hitch and wiring harness, easy enough to pick up in the aftermarket. I was not considering giving up anything but if this gets me in the queue I can sacrifice it for now. My concern was being a PC 19 and getting...
  11. My dealer called - dropped tow package

    I have a July 18 reservation and a Feb 25 (PC 19) conversion for a 2 door Badlands, 2.3 Manual Transmission, Area 51, with tow package. Yesterday I had an email from my dealer (Mullinax Ford in New Smyrna Beach, Florida) to "call about your Bronco Order". I generally feel I know more than the...
  12. Last date to convert reservation

    So I had two reservations -- 7/18/2020 and 7/19/2020. Two different dealers. I converted the 7/19/2020 reservation on 02/25/2021 and have a PC 19. Why? Because the dealer (Mullinax in New Smyrna Beach, FL) made sure they stayed in touch, brought me in several times, and moved the order...
  13. Buttload of Sports Showing up in My Town

    I feel like an ambassador for the big Bronco versus the baby Bronco (sport). I’ve had friends ask if I saw the Bronco and why am I waiting for such a small car? I had to explain it to my girlfriend multiple times that we are getting the ‘real’ Bronco. Even pictures from a dealer event recently...