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  1. Spied! Next-gen Mustang (S650) Prototype 📸

    Hmmm . . . maybe buy a new Mustang now instead of waiting (another year?) for a Bronco . . .
  2. Giving up on the 2 door?

    Leave the 2-door order. Worry about that later. Walk in and order a 4-door soft-top without supply constraints. Sounds like you need a(ny) Bronco more than you need a 2-door Bronco.
  3. Bronco vs. Mustang. Room for Two Horses in This Corral?

    My Mustang may be an antique before my Bronco is delivered.
  4. 📝 UPDATE Dec 12th: My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Submitted Customer Feedback Proposal and Response

    Yes. There's nothing about a 2 door Bronco built on a Ranger platform that scares me. If there are issues, either Ford (or I) will fix them. I'm happy to buy an American-made vehicle (as per my F250, Mustang and FoST) and truly appreciate the hard work being done to produce an affordable and...
  5. 2.3 Shaping up to be the better Engine?

    Interesting thread here in terms of capacity constraints with the 2.7 Towing capacity is only 3,500 lbs so it'll never be hauling around anything significant. The Ford Motorsports tune makes a big difference in a Focus ST with the 2.0 engine so there will be a (clean, legal) way to add torque...
  6. Tell me I'm not alone.

    Fluff is the key word . . . I also went from BL SAS to Base SAS when re-ordering for 2022. The lease residuals, and my experience with a couple of Focus ST1s (versus the ST2 or ST3), point towards the Base holding a greater percentage of value than the more expensive versions.
  7. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Looking at 2022 Order Guide (p.33), it appears that ALL colors are available on Base (unlike in 2021). Am I reading it correctly?
  8. PA Roll Call

    West Chester here too. Was waiting for 2 door Badlands Sasquatch for MY21 but thinking of changing it to a 2 door Base Sasquatch. Patiently waiting for it to get built. My son and I go up to Rausch Creek regularly.
  9. Anyone tried manually disconnecting sway bar yet?

    My experience with other trucks is that sway bars aren't always necessary, especially with better shocks, a lift, etc. I settled on ordering a Badlands because of the sway bar disconnect, and now am wondering whether to change when placing the MY22 order.
  10. I am in desperate need of timely educated advice.

    Timely educated advice . . . use spellchecker function.
  11. Line in the sand ⏳

    The deposit gives me an "option" to buy a Bronco a year from now that is spec'd exactly the way I would want one. I can decide to walk away without a penalty. Meanwhile, I'm looking at the issues that arising with the early builds and how they're being addressed. And I'm enjoying the drama too.
  12. I don’t want to worry 2DR buyers but this doesn’t look good.

    I would buy a 2-door soft-top tomorrow (or in the upcoming months) if Ford would give me the opportunity . . .
  13. When will my reservation be converted?

    What do/did we need to do to get 2021 MY pricing if we are bumped to 2022 MY? My vague understanding was that we needed to have placed a 2021 MY order (not just hold a reservation). If so, was the requirement to have that order placed by March 19th?
  14. 360 video: Race Red Badlands Sasquatch with new brush guard / bull bar at @ MAP

    Context matters. A Race Red 4-door in a slushy Walmart parking lot in March might look tacky. A Race Red 2-door at the beach on July 4th with top off might look pretty good.
  15. Prediction: What month/year do you think you will get yours?? Based on Reservation date..

    Reservation/order was in early March and I expect it to be delivered in December. Maybe will be around the 65-70,000th one built.
  16. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Ordered on March 5th . . . 2-door, Badlands, race red, 2.7/auto, Sas, Mid, vinyl, MIC top . . . only reserved a few days before ordering . . . going for MY21 and believing there's a (small) chance of being a very late MY21 build . . . call me crazy . . .