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  1. Who Is BAMF?

    Impressed by the price. Is cutting needed for the standard plastic bumper? Can you comment on the review on your site:
  2. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 31 so far [Jan 21 update]

    Also suspicious is the 2.7 constraint. Avis supposedly had 21 scheduled this week, only 2 of which are 2.7 🤔
  3. Base Model Owners: Official Thread

    got an update from Roesch Ford saying the leather steering wheel part is on back order
  4. New MIC Top info from Ford Support: 300 production rate per day & Soft Top switch no longer recommended

    Avis report of this week’s schedules seems to support the MIC claim as well:
  5. Bronco Raptor Reveal Monday 1/24 @ 6AM EST!

    They are nice
  6. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Yes agree! Top plate. Block the pebbles
  7. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Any update on timing, pricing, installation requirements (drilling or welding)? edit: for others, I found this on their Facebook page from Tuesday 😁 …
  8. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    My pizza tracker still says Order Confirmed with unavailable sticker, but like others, b6g tracker is able to pull up my window sticker right now! 🎉 1/27 blend for me too!
  9. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    someone hit the Big Red Button? :LOL:
  10. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Pretty sure the pizza tracker is the Track My Order link that ford includes in the original scheduled/vin email. The one I have pinging every 5 minutes.
  11. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    So far just a BB steering wheel on order. Really trying to hold back just in case something falls through.
  12. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Oh okay. It was sounding like status moves to In Production with window sticker a week ahead, with examples of late next week blend dates showing “in production”. Assumed I’d need to be that status soon for it to actually start being built next week. I’ll try to relax 😆
  13. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    Same here regarding Order Confirmed and 800 # telling me to reference my most recent email. 😒
  14. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    At what point do I assume I’ve been bumped when I’m still seeing “order confirmed”?
  15. 🛠 01/24/22 Build Week Group

    still “order confirmed” for me
  16. Did you finance or pay cash?

    please do correct me if I’m wrong as I’d love 1% but assume this isn’t going to work if order was already placed
  17. Did you finance or pay cash?

    I believe it’s a promotional rate but you have to BUY through their shopping service. I’m assuming it’s too late if you’ve already ordered? 🤷
  18. Base Model Owners: Official Thread

    Roesch Ford (via $286 + shipping and tax = $340
  19. Base Model Owners: Official Thread

    Thanks! I ordered from another dealer for a few bucks less. They just emailed me asking for VIN. Not sure what that’s about and we’ll see if it causes any problem given I’m not built yet and trims don’t match up. I explained my intent to upgrade to leather wrap. We’ll see. 🤞
  20. Rough Country Winch plate for modular bumper (Coming soon)

    just me or does the winch mount look narrow? curious what’ll fit