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  1. Show Your Christmas Bronco Swag

    My hubby spoiled me! -Safari bar -Mirror pod lights -Trunk mat -Rear break tire light -Front hood deflector -Small antenna -Sunshade Also, I finally got a build week!
  2. Eruption Green 2 Door Bronco at MAP

    I love this color in every light! Changed from CG to EG when I had to switch to 22. I am glad that I got pushed simply because of this color option. I also discovered I have a build date even though I never got an email. Wohoo!
  3. To The B6G Community: Merry Christmas

    I got a build week for Christmas and a lot of accessories! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  4. Is tomorrow the day?

    Curious of when you reserved? This is my build (day 2 ressie) and my dealership basically said the MIC and Lux were holding me back from being built. I won’t take them off though. Haha
  5. BRONCO take over at Holly Oaks ORV park!

    This post makes me excited and sad. All the emotions. I can’t wait to join y’all someday… Holly ORV is a cool park. I got to test drive a Bronco out there and loved it. great pics! Love seeing all those ponies on the trails. Now to continue to wait for my elusive build date.
  6. AirTag put on my Bronco to track me

    Gotcha! It looks a lot closer than that. Thanks for the context.
  7. AirTag put on my Bronco to track me

    This may b a stupid question, but was there a car behind you? Possible that someone had a tag in their vehicle and happened to be near you? The route is straight and so it makes me think that possibly someone was driving behind you with their own tag and your phone picked it up. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve heard...
  8. Any week 1 reservation holders still holding the bag?

    Yup! Day 2, my dealership thought I’d get pulled for a January build date, but NOPE!
  9. Badlands Badge to Grill Relocation Kit

    Absolutely love this idea!
  10. “Early 2022” email

    I’m a day 2 reservation, and my dealership said he hopes I’ll be built in January. I never got this email from Ford though.
  11. Ford Accessories: 15% OFF until December 31 (up to $1k purchase)

    Dang! All the stuff I was looking at grabbing are gone. Hopefully stuff comes back in stock. 🤞
  12. Michigan Roll Call

    Can’t wait to get mine so I can join the fun!
  13. Blue

    Absolutely! What else would it be?
  14. Ford Accessories: 15% OFF until December 31 (up to $1k purchase)

    Wohoo! Buying accessories for a car I don’t own. Haha
  15. Anyone in Michigan getting a Bronco soon?

    Day 2 reservation holder twiddling my thumbs waiting…
  16. My 2022 Eruption Green Scheduled for December production

    When I put in my reservation number after the = it just has me log in and I got nothing. 😩😢
  17. Aftermarket Armrest installed

    Are these MGV seats?
  18. Brake Slam

    I drove a dealer demo 2door and man she dives when you brake hard. Haha I was quite shocked. She also bucks up when you accelerate quickly.