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  1. Which Compressor should I get?

    Just picked up this week from Napa parts. Great buy! Amazingly fast.
  2. Rudy's Diesel Baja Designs Light Bar kit?

    I tried that approach, and it was sooooo close to working... The light bar is about 1/4" to deep and it would rub the painted piece that's part of the grill. I am worried about taking out a tree or a bush and causing damage to the lightbar. The consensus in my friend group is the baja design...
  3. Rudy's Diesel Baja Designs Light Bar kit?

    I would like to move the light bar to be on top of the bumper. If going the fabrication route, I could try and modify the existing brackets instead of starting from scratch.
  4. Rudy's Diesel Baja Designs Light Bar kit?

    I am in the same position. I talked to a friend about fabricating brackets, but I have been waiting to see if somebody will introduce. BTW, I am currently using one of the bracket sets that Baja Designs supplies in an install kit. It works, but just doesnt look right...
  5. Rudy's Diesel Baja Designs Light Bar kit?

    No deal. The rep I spoke with communicated that they are not selling the brackets separately at this time, but suggested checking back. He indicated that they develop brackets and a lot of the stuff internally, so maybe something will come out. On a really positive note, he checked to see...
  6. Rudy's Diesel Baja Designs Light Bar kit?

    Thanks for posting! I have been waiting for Brackets for a S8 light bar, and have reached out to see if sold separately.
  7. Rattle and Popping Noises from B pillar

    I was very impressed that FMC reached out on my post. My expectations were way too high. Long story short, I was passed over from one rep to another and was ultimately told "the issue is not able to be diagnosed without scheduling a visit to my dealer". I am not here to rain on the parade...
  8. Michigan To Arizona Rail Delivery Timeline?

    SO CLOSE! Let's get that Bronco to its new home!
  9. Michigan To Arizona Rail Delivery Timeline?

    Took 15 days to get to the railyard, and then sat at El Mirage for 4 days. If I recall correctly, it was 19 days from ship date until it arrived at the dealer.
  10. Rattle and Popping Noises from B pillar

    I have what sounds like the same rattle, and I have a soft top. I have not been able to get the latches right above the front seats to align properly, but the rattle definitely sounds passenger. It sounds like it’s coming further to the back. I only really notice when I am off reading or hitting...
  11. I used to love jeep owners

    I have seen this also! I was driving behind a friend in his JK to go off-roading and I saw three waves to him, and no waves and lots of shady eyes thrown my way. On the trail it was just the opposite as a lot of cool rigs all remarked how they love my bronco, and no body even noticed his jeep...
  12. Tataman

    Ford Bronco Club of Arizona

    That’s so awesome! I brought mine home and thought about sleeping in the garage so I could be closer to my ride.
  13. Check your coolant level -- may be low from the factory

    Just checked my coolant level, and it was slightly below minimum. I’ve had my bronco for about 8 weeks. I didn’t check my level before going off-road last week, and engine temps were higher than usual. Temps while driving on road have varied between 195 and 210, but off road temps climbed from...
  14. Tataman

    Ford Bronco Club of Arizona

    Mine sat at the rail yard for five days. That was end of September. My delivery time of 19 days in the pizza tracker was spot on. Picked it up exactly on day 19. So excited for you! The delivery took so long, but was so worth it.
  15. Since a lot of people ask me if there's anything I don't like

    I like my odds of not dying in my garage from the car running. I will need to figure forscan purchase, as this feature sucks!
  16. Since a lot of people ask me if there's anything I don't like

    The honk when leaving the vehicle with keys is annoying. Like, punch a software engineer from Deerborne in the face annoying! I asked my dealership to deactivate, and was told it wasn’t possible. WTF, I don’t know how this is a “safety” feature. Yes, it is agitating.
  17. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    I was skeptical at first, but I recognize my baby. I received my bronco three weeks ago, and it was still cool to receive the picture. I would’ve paid good money for a tour of the map and to drive my bronco off the the assembly property!
  18. Subwoofer mounting locations for 4 doors

    I discussed options with a professional install shop. I was the first bronco they had looked at and they were very accommodating to open up the back panel and list all options for an install. First option was to add a 10 inch jl woofer in the rear where the stock bo woofer resides. Second option...