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  1. Bronco Raptor Reveal Monday 1/24 @ 6AM EST!

    Ha, Ha....'Stay Tuned!', how long before they have to change that to 'Stay Pumped' while everyone waits for their new Bronco Raptor.
  2. Baja Designs A-Pillar Light Kit Giveaway!

    Once - Baja Designs
  3. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Looks great! What is the color of the fender badge? Is that matte black or gloss black. I can't tell in the photos, but I like it! Trying to decide what badge color to go with myself.
  4. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    It was for my guest.
  5. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    I attended the NH Off Rodeo. I received an email notification telling me my $250 credit has been paid. I checked and Ford credited my credit card I used at registration. The only strange thing is the email was for the Texas Off Rodeo. It took about 2 weeks for me to receive the credit.
  6. Off Rodeo Deposit Reimbursement. Anyone gone through that process yet?

    I received my $250 back too. I received an email notification and they credited my card. It took a couple of weeks like LSU Jonno said. I went to the NH Off Rodeo, my email referenced the Texas Off Rodeo.
  7. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo - What to Expect

    I was there on 8/18 and drove the same velocity base squatch 2 door (lots of fun). The white 2 door Badlands was there too. The rest were 4 doors, so same set up as 'fougetube' mentioned. there were more Broncos in another parking lot. I did not walk through to see if there were any more 2 doors.
  8. B-Dog

    New England Broncos

    @BuzzyBud Thanks for posting a great summary. It was very helpful. I attended the NH Off Rodeo yesterday and had a blast.
  9. New Hampshire Bronco Off-Roadeo - What to Expect

    I went yesterday. I have driven on beaches, but never on trails or rocks. The terrain can look intimidating, but your guides (we had Ramsey and Evan - both were excellent!) will guide you through the technical spots. For instance, they instructed us on when to engage (front or rear, or both)and...
  10. B-Dog

    New England Broncos

    @Brew3x LOL, well, only when he had the 4 door to sell me......other than that, radio silence. I did feel comfortable with him when ordering though. He seemed to have a good handle on the Bronco compared to some of the posts I have read about clueless salespeople buyers have encountered.
  11. B-Dog

    New England Broncos

    I'm glad that they are focusing on the MIC top to get it right. I would rather wait a little longer and have a top that I don't need to replace due to production issues. I ordered a 2 door and I am out of luck for 2021. I received an email saying I am a MY22. I had a 7/20 reservation and...
  12. Front license plate mount options?

    There are a few you can find that mount to a front shackle. I am planning on going this route if it will work.
  13. Still Have not Seen a Bronco in Person......

    I've ordered a 2 door. I have seen a couple of 4 when the Broncos were at a nearby dealer for a day. I spoke with my salesman yesterday. He said they are expecting a couple of mannequins to be delivered soon, including a 2 door. He emphasized that they won't be for sale. I'm going to check it...
  14. Broncos Visit New Hampshire.

    I liked the MGV as well. I had expectations that it would be like the MGV on our boat, but it seemed much softer and supple. The rep mentioned that the MGV has held up well to all the chemicals they have been using to clean the trucks due to COVID. He said some of the other seating materials...
  15. OEM Front License Plate Bracket is Dealer Installed

    I'm hoping something like this might work on a recovery point ( Kentrol Shackle Mounted License Plate Bracket). Maybe they will make one for the Bronco.
  16. Bummed, 7/15 reservations

    I have a 7/20 reservation. I have hardly heard from my dealer, other than the initial reservation confirmation and a conversation I had with the sales manager months ago (I called them). I have accepted the fact that I may end up in MY22. On the plus side, I can save more $$ for the Bronco...
  17. Aftermarket Fog Lights - Modular Front Bumper

    Baja Designs already has this pictured on their website for the '21' Bronco. No price or SKU yet though. I'm hoping this means they will be available soon after the Bronco's start being produced. I haven't checked any other manufactures.
  18. Anyone interested in getting together for a New England purchase at a single dealer?

    Thanks for checking this out. I've emailed my assigned contact person at the dealer I have a reservation with and have not heard anything. I'll have to give them a call, but my expectations are low.
  19. What number was the first Reservation?

    Agreed, just have to wait it out. I reserved 7/20 and this guestimate puts me 194,000+ in line. Not sure how someone that reserved 11 days after me would be 20,000+ in front of me.