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  1. Torque Converter Whine

    Why do you think it is coming specifically from the torque converter? I’ve never heard someone complain of torque converter “whine”. FWIW, my trans is quiet. No abnormal noises that I’ve noticed.
  2. Framed Bronco Poster & Pictures

    Never received a single item & also never got the 200,000 Ford Pass Rewards points for losing my soft top on the dual top group AND being forced to downgrade from Shadow Black Modular to MIC on my FE. I’m not bitter though…. lol cool artwork! I like it!
  3. Would you buy a dealer mannequin?

    Our dealer mannequins mostly just sat on display in the showroom. 🧐
  4. Soft Top leaking [condensation?] right through the fabric layer???

    I considered the same thing at first and even agree that is more likely than the top leaking, but that's some awfully big drops of "condensation". Click on the photo to enlarge and take a look at the top right corner. Inside an automobile in my experience condensation normally presents as...
  5. Bill Stroppe BAJA BRONCO Tribute Build

    Well executed!!! Those wheels look AWESOME with the center caps installed. Nice Job!
  6. Zone Lighting after recent snow

    I’m not sure what I’ll actually use it for, but love the zone lighting feature! This was taken at around 2:00am the other night. All lighting in the photo was supplied by the Bronco.
  7. Soft Top leaking [condensation?] right through the fabric layer???

    I received this photo from a Bronco owner and it’s something I haven’t seen before so I thought I’d share. The photo APPEARS to show water seeping right through the soft top material after recent winter snow/ice/rain. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I have reported it to Ford.
  8. Resolved to my satisfaction

    Ford GT sales were approved through an application and selection process directly with Ford. You could not go into a dealership and "order" a Ford GT no matter how much money extra you were willing to pay. not the same...
  9. What is this on my key?

    It’s an electronic KeyTrack tag. The dealership uses it to keep track of the many keys to vehicles that they typically have on hand. Not part of your Bronco. Trash it or return it to them the next time you go by there.
  10. Just noticed this QC Rejected sticker

    discard the sticker. & If you actually find a problem with your Bronco then walk back to your service department and have it repaired under warranty.
  11. Taillight condensation

    I noticed a bit in my LR the other day. It is normal. Will come and go as the lamp assemblies are vented to atmosphere not sealed.
  12. My bronco is covered in rock chips already. DIY mod to avoid rock chips

    FWIW, Ford Technicians hate Ford Accessory Instructions too. In my experience over the years have always been utterly terrible.
  13. Anyone else hate the silver beauty rings?

    This is the best look IMO. Ford Performance Bead Lock Rings. I think they come in bare machined aluminum. (not suitable for daily street use though)
  14. Anyone else hate the silver beauty rings?

    i know I’m in the minority, but have an FE (with black rings) and I prefer the silver (or some kind of contrasting color. like mr. nice said, the all black just blends with the tire leaving you with nondescript black circles at all 4 corners. & also makes the wheel appear to be smaller to me.
  15. Mod Bumper causing over 1/2” reduction in ride height??? 3 Broncos compared.

    i know it doesn’t sound like a lot but all 3 of us noticed it immediately when walking up to them parked side by side. Visible from a distance at least when next to each other.
  16. Mod Bumper causing over 1/2” reduction in ride height??? 3 Broncos compared.

    Some of my coworkers and I have finally taken delivery of our Broncos and are loving them! We decided to park together at work yesterday when we noticed something odd. One Sasquatch is noticeably taller than the other 2! At first I thought maybe the FE was slightly lower because of the...