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  1. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    Just did B&P again to check. No change to my pricing on the obx. Although they now have a dual top option.
  2. 10 New Factory Broncos courtesy of The Stig???

    Wow. Simply amazing. Thank you for the pics.
  3. Fitting Through Garage Doors

    Theres a house here in Florida that looks exactly like this one. Super cool
  4. 9 NEW Broncos @ factory by Ford Stig! Bronco-palooza ???

    Thanks for the pics. They are some damn good looking Broncos....release them in the wild and let the chase being.
  5. Update from Ford: reservation timestamp determines production priority & FordPass points loyalty gift How about you drop the msrp by 5% for everyone who reserved a bronco and keep the 62000pts. I think this would make up for all the BS from the beginning and keep people from canceling. Also you need to get busy updating B&P with more accessories before the final...
  6. Video: 2021 Ford Bronco ordering Q&A

    Lol....reserved late 8-14, also fully load with 2.7 sas, and dealer has 180+ reservations... I guess I'll get mine close to 2023.
  7. What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    I call myself Semi-retired, others would say lazy. But I deserve some time off and a bronco.
  8. ? Bronco WildTrak Area 51 w/ Soft Top

    Amazing job. Thank you.
  9. Florida Roll Call

    Thank you sir
  10. Florida Roll Call

    Its my wifes Ducati, she literally hasn't gotten on it in 14 yrs. I think its time to go. But thanks I'll shout out to them. NOAHr do you guys take motorcycles as trade-ins?
  11. Florida Roll Call

    Ive never done a trade-in. Sooooo.... does anyone know if dealerships will take a motorcycle as a trade-in.
  12. Florida Roll Call

    Awesome!!!! Thanks
  13. Florida Roll Call

    If I were to switch my reservation to another dealerships would I fall to the back of the line?
  14. Two weeks from tomorrow

    Ready!!!!! Going big!!! 4door OB A51 w/bigfoot, lux pack, leather/vinyl navypier, tow, 2.7 auto, HD front bumper-brush guard-bash plate, overhead switches, soft top.
  15. So does anyone plan on just getting the soft top?

    I am absolutely sticking with the soft top after seeing the video. Easy open and close without removing it. Plus it looks sexy as hell with A51
  16. New Photos: Area 51 Badlands in the Snow!

    I like area 51.
  17. Florida Roll Call

    I was told at greenway ford in orlando. They dont care if i buy they just want the vehicle on there lot so they can mark it up. That is a shame. Its not about building a business its about screwing your customers. You make more by screwing people. Fact
  18. Florida Roll Call

    Its because they are "GREEDY".
  19. Florida Roll Call

    Noah how many reservations do you all have at Kissimmee location
  20. Florida Roll Call

    Thanks. This was extremely helpful.