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  1. What is this on the interior roof?

    The back part of the hardtop is bolted down, yes, but if it was just sitting that close to sport (roll) bar, and not attached, that’s a potential rattle point. Check out the Jeep hardtop. Has a similar attachment. (In my JK, it was 2 threaded screws that were hand removable). This is not news...
  2. What is this on the interior roof?

    Looks to me there’s a dome light under the middle they didn’t want to mess with. Not sure why they wouldn’t put another on passenger side, but it would need at least one to prevent rattling between top and the bar. It’s aggressively attached to tub rails.
  3. What is this on the interior roof?

    That’s a latch for the top onto the roll bar.
  4. Z-plan roulette?

    I'd see if you can lock in your Z-plan pricing with the dealer (use the pin) prior to delivery. They may be able to do something like that. I have ordered Jeeps in the past, and I received a "golden ticket (as it's called in Jeep-dom)" between order and delivery. Even though we had agreed on...
  5. FILSON Bronco Wildland Fire Rig Concept Revealed! How bout that safari top!
  6. Electric HUMMER EV vs. Bronco

    Not gonna lie — those 35” territory’s look bad to the bone on this thing. Going to be hard to skip Sasquatch.
  7. Texas Buyers Group: THE OFFER & THE DEALERSHIP – Finally!

    Just changed my reservation! Happy to have that settled!
  8. How "weatherproof" is Badlands?

    There are some known Jeep problems, in the JK’s at least, that happened with rain. The clock spring in the steering wheel would go bad if it got wet enough, so you’d lose buttons/ horn. Throw your front hardtop panels in back (or install them) on days with rain threat and pull your plugs. Bet...
  9. Base Model Rear Locking Differential

    Brake lock distribution is a traction control for off road use that applies brake to spinning wheel (one wheel drive) which allows other wheel that has traction to spin. It actually works quite well in most situations. Not as good as a mechanical locker, but still good. It’s on every bronco (and...
  10. Anyone else dislike the wheel offset on the Squatch ?

    I agree with all comments above (including that the red one is not squatch). However, I think this has everything to do with those wide offset wheels. They are +0mm offset, which means they stick out a good bit. I really dislike the look of the overland concept's stance. It sits way too low...
  11. No Roof Rack with top off?

    Rack attaches to the hardtop. That’s the point of those “exoskeleton” racks for the Jeep that attach below hardtop line. Good new is — just strap what you want to carry to roll bar. It’s kinda like a rack.
  12. More Preproduction Broncos Completed -- Area 51 Wildtrak, Race Red Badlands, Rapid Red Big Bend, Cyber Orange OBX, Oxford White OBX, Iconic Silver

    Looking at this, I think it’s the same material as Jeep “premium” top upgrade, which is really nice stuff compared to standard top which is perfectly adequate already. I’m a 2-door guy. Really wish it came standard with this as I don’t want (need) a hard top.
  13. Manual & 2.3 Ecoboost

    Honestly, I used to daily a 2-door JK with manual and 3.6 with 4.10 gears on heavy ass 35’s. It was plenty fast. If you look at Jeep forums, people aren’t worried about burning tires. It seems like a lot of folks buying bronco are coming from focus RS or mustang, whereas most of the Jeep crowd...
  14. Ford email update -- reservations, ordering, mid-October Build & Price

    I have a screenshot of my reservation on 7/13 at 9:45 PM, but I didn’t get an email til 7/15 at 5AM giving me a reservation date of 7/14. Aggravating... ?
  15. What problems do you have with your late model ford that you hope do not infect the new Bronco?

    2016 F150: Intake manifold failed at about 15k miles. Looks like this was a prob for 4-6 months on 5.0. Replaced under warranty Sync 3 computer went out at 38k miles. Bought a used one on eBay for $550. New was over $1500 from dealer. Just had lead frame fail at 65k miles on 6R80 transmission...
  16. Carpet vs Rubber floor

    Seems like vast majority of SUV's and trucks that are either used as designed to get you places where other vehicles can't (read mud/dirt) or are full of small children most of the time immediately get their carpets covered with expensive rubber/ plastic mats anyway. I have no desire for...
  17. I'm thinking about 35's on a 15" wheel.

    I had same experience on my JK. Got 15” wheels on there and cleared calipers but just barely. Most 15” steel wheels will not fit a JK, but most aluminum wheels do, FYI. Another question that you will need to trial with an actual vehicle to get a clear answer.
  18. Bronco IWE?

    Yes -- it's how the auto locking hubs work. When you engage 4WD, it locks the hubs to the half shafts.
  19. Bronco IWE?

    My F150 has an IWE that's messed up currently. Very aggravating design if you ask me with constant vacuum being required. I guess if vacuum fails you still have 4WD, but annoying.