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  1. Build & Price Update from Ford – Q&A with Bronco Brand Manager

    is it possible that toyota will do a heritage fj so i can become excited once gain
  2. Cancellations are making headlines ...

    i have to give it to ford. that was a pretty heady grift allocating the transmission and engine price uptick in price. they know you'll pay it, so why not do it. their only mistake was changing the price midstream, for the ultimate in douchebaggery
  3. Cancellations are making headlines ...

    can't blame anybody for cancelling. there hasn't been any good or positive news for the consumer coming from ford for a long time
  4. RUSSIAN off roader coming to market!

    they really captured the look of the early 1980's smaller pickup truck with the second half of it, while the streamlined curved front end of modern day cars obv new urban assault vehicle
  5. Bronco Black Diamond Interior & Seats Pics!

    i didn't even bring up the interior as well. pretty meh on all fronts
  6. Bronco Black Diamond Interior & Seats Pics!

    seems like with each passing day my main response to everything bronco is that it's sucky or just ok. price increase., colors, stupid grey top, all black wheels, etc, etc
  7. Does MIC Top match?

    pretty sure that's code for "no" they don't match
  8. 20+ Sandstone Cloth, Roast Cloth Seats Interior Pics From Factory ⚡??

    yeah but we now have clown pic reactions not associated with trump. so we might be turning the corner
  9. WHITE TOP AVALIABLE - (...with white)

    tough but fair. considering those 2colors are only available to those who purchase black
  10. Bronco Wildtrak Interior and Seats

    dude, it's ford. not burger king. you have to buy pickles to get lettuce
  11. WHITE TOP AVALIABLE - (...with white)

    i'm gonna get jesus painted on mine
  12. Bronco Wildtrak Interior and Seats

    real talk. we do have some world class bichers here. that and some camo luvin rednecs bichers an renecs are peeps too when i was 13 i saw one of those camo spray painted swamp boats. i thought it was the coolest thing as a young lad. this was obv in florida
  13. Bronco Wildtrak Interior and Seats

    brutal. i'm sure rednecks will love this. my wife even said that this is a car for rednecks as well, even before this. you can always opt for the institutional grey, two tone fabric on the base, which is a different hell altogether
  14. Levine Says New Bronco Colors and Special Editions Coming!

    it's so bad it's hard to overlook how bad it is. it doesn;t look tha bad in glam shots. but every photo not glam looks pretty baaaad. pretty sure some will pass because of it
  15. Spy Video: Bronco Warthog Sights & Sounds!

    just in time for biden's new oil regulations and higher at pump prices
  16. WHEEL specs- anything definitive yet?

    they do look nice. i don't need forged. i need a set of wheels @ 1k that look like that.
  17. Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    that's a much better look than the gloss black steel. this is a $1k upgrade. is there any value there (buying ford) other than being hassle free and done with it, rather than buying after market?