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  1. Found a Spare Part—Help! Where Does it Go?

    Thanks for checking, everyone. To clarify, the part isn’t attached to my tailgate; I just set it there to take a picture of it. It was rolling around in the back. It either rattled loose on some rough desert trails yesterday or my rotten door-slamming kids did it🤔
  2. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Hey everyone! I posted this in another forum but I thought I would ask my build week family, too. I took my bronco out in the desert and I think this piece shook loose. I have no idea where it came from! Any ideas? It’s not a rubber door bumper but it looks like one. It could have come from the...
  3. Golfmom

    Nevada Bronco Club

    @mrjp Yes, I completely agree. I just got lucky choosing team Ford because it’s near my house. They didn’t proactively send me any updates, but they were always happy to answer my questions.
  4. Found a Spare Part—Help! Where Does it Go?

    I found this piece in the back of my Bronco today. It’s some sort of pin with a rubber bumper on the end. It’s not a stopper for any of the doors and I think it must have come from the cargo area or possibly the second row of seats. It looks similar to the rubber doorstops but not exactly. I had...
  5. Off Road Maps that work on the Bronco, what is Working?

    I know Rivian uses Gaia (insider info😏) and I hear the full subscription is absolutely worth it. Both look great to me and I haven’t decided which one I’m going to use. I have a BD so no front camera to worry about.
  6. Show me your Black Diamond Bronco's!

    Took my kids sledding today—the washout interior is better than I could have imagined! Trail turn assist + snow= perfect donuts 🍩
  7. Snow Pictures Please

  8. Stirrup prototype (side step)

    Definitely interested in 4…following
  9. Golfmom

    Nevada Bronco Club

    Yes, between Kyle and Lee Canyon. I couldn’t believe how many people were trying to get up there when we left around 1:00. The cops weren’t letting anyone past the visitors center, regardless of 4wd. 1000+ Cars were backed up all along Kyle Cyn rd. My advice is go early if you’re going!
  10. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Broke in our Bronco today
  11. Golfmom

    Bronco Gals

    @Cat I married into a golf family (brother in law is on the Champions Tour) and I could never keep up! My sons & husband play but I’m happier caddying. If you get a chance to play in town, you need to see Paiute. It’s spectacular and always in perfect shape (no water restrictions because it’s on...
  12. Golfmom

    Nevada Bronco Club

    Broke in my Bronco this morning ❄️ Trail turn assist in the snow🍩🍩🍩
  13. Installed my new gloss black bronco badges.

    Speaking of which, can the visor stickers be removed somehow or just covered?
  14. Marine grade vinyl and dogs

    Is there a dogs group yet? And can I join if I have lap dogs? 😆
  15. Where did you relocate your badges to?

    I’m copying you and adding the BD to the tow hitch plug. Genius idea!
  16. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    When I picked up the car yesterday, my dealer said they are already taking orders for hard tops. Has anyone else heard this? I’m loving the soft top—I opened it this morning despite the 43° weather. BTW the seat warmers in the marine grade vinyl are 🔥
  17. Golfmom

    Nevada Bronco Club

    Mine rolled off the line on 11/24, four days behind schedule. It spent a few days in Ohio, and then a few days in Illinois. Once it got transferred to union pacific, it moved much faster. Mine came through Evanston and down through Utah (faster route). I know some Broncos end up going through...
  18. Golfmom

    Nevada Bronco Club

    Love it! I peeked through your windows when I was looking for mine. Really great color! Mine showed up on the 20th at Team Ford while we were out of town. Mark at Team Ford was incredible and I’m definitely going to use him again.
  19. Golfmom

    Bronco Gals

    I’m from Las Vegas and went in October. It was incredible! What courses are you going to play? I hope you get some great weather while you’re here.
  20. Why are y'all not doing the Bronco Wave?

    I’ve put 3 miles on my Bronco so far and all I’ve gotten is icy stares from Jeeps 🤷🏻‍♀️