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  1. Area 51 Xpel STEALTH PPF Wrapped - Wrapthor

    I got a $10.5k quote (!) and a $6.5k quote in the same city. I understand there may be somewhat of a skill variance with installers (all listed on Xpel's webiste), but this is insane. Makes me question doing it at all.
  2. XPEL Stealth Satin PPF wrapped my Carbonized Gray Badlands Bronco

    I just had a first quote here in SLC for Xpel PPF stealth on my 2 door (that arrives this week)...$10k. From what I've read $5-$7 is typical. Do you agree? No sure what could drive a 50% to 100% premium.
  3. North Carolina WTB: Factory 2 Door Roofrack

    Let me know what comes together with your PA guy. Would be interested if he's an option.
  4. North Carolina WTB: Factory 2 Door Roofrack

    Have you found any options? Facing the same issue.