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  1. GTPrincessa

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I like Monty's ideas about Logo D. Regarding name.... any reason it can't stay Michigan Bronco Club? OR should it become something with Great Lakes in the name like Great Lakes Bronco Enthusiasts, (from Matt's post above).
  2. Dealership Markup. Loganville Ford Sucks!!! UPDATE: They made it right!!

    Glad you think it's funny. "LOL" Most dealers are being honest with their reservation holders, and honoring MSRP. My dealer did. All I had was a DORA and emails, and phone calls. At time of pick up, he was honest and said reservation holders were price protected at MSRP, but they would...
  3. Dealership Markup. Loganville Ford Sucks!!! UPDATE: They made it right!!

    Who is this "The_Viking" that's stirring the pot with his nonsense? When I click on his name to see who he is/ when he joined, I get an error message that post cannot be found...
  4. Soft top touchless car wash?

    Re: the vinyl windows, nothing special as of yet. Have just been running it through the wash and dry cycle, and allowing it to finish air drying. My Bronc is kept in a heated garage, so I usually wash her before heading home for the day, now that winter is here.
  5. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    Age: 54, 4-door. Wanted room for camping gear, grandkids, and friends. We drove a 4-door at the off-roadeo, and it is a very capable vehicle.
  6. Automatic car wash safe for soft top?

    I have taken my soft top BD through the touchless car wash multiple times with no problems. I NEVER use the car washes with brushes and rollers, not even on my glass top mustang.
  7. Soft top touchless car wash?

    I have washed my soft top BD in a touchless car wash multiple times with no problems. Again, a touchless car wash, with no tracks on floor, I've also utilized the dryer at the end with no problems. I was initially concerned water would come in with the high pressure, but all was well, and dry!
  8. GTPrincessa

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Putting that date on my calendar also! Newbie here also, but looking forward to learning a few things. Will be first off-road experience with the Bronc.
  9. Death to the Bronco Sport

    Honestly, being a Mustang owner, I was a nay-sayer at first, but it has grown on me. You are right, it's a beautiful car. Still not sure about the Mustang name on it, but it definitely is a good looking vehicle!
  10. Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    REALLY?! So not true!! Everyone will know I have a BD because I'm rocking Steelies.........I just do not like the "refridgerator" magnets they put on these trucks. Now if it was a nice 3-D badge I would probably keep it, but I am preferring the look of the old school Bronco script badge.
  11. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Replacing. White WOULD look good, but not sure.......... honestly a tough call, since the only other white is on the grille, and the only other chrome is the pony on the back. I actually bought two colors since I wasn't sure - Matte Black & Chrome. I have a Cactus Gray BD, and will probably go...
  12. Area 51 Black Diamond With 1″ Level Kit and 33″ 285/70/R17 KO2 on Steelies

    Beautious! I would like to do this to my BD also. Please share the size of tires. And like previous poster, I too would like to know if the lift was needed? I was under the impression that 33's would fit the BD as is? Thank you, she looks good!!
  13. ModifyMike’s “Moody Blue” First Edition Build Thread

    Don't think my reply posted correctly.......... was wondering who makes the light bar on the bumper in the Cyber Orange pic? (Thank you) Also, congrats on your truck, she's purty!!
  14. Soft top touchless car wash?

    I believe that's specific to those car washes with tracks on the floors (squatch tires won't fit, could be damaged), and those that utilize brushes and rollers, (which I NEVER take my Mustang through), not the "touch-less". But still curious as to the high pressure on the soft top.
  15. How long before you let someone else drive your Bronco?

    Well, I HAD to let my hubby.......but not too often! Lol!
  16. Just returned from the New Hampshire Off-Roadeo!

    Good times in NH...........