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  1. New drop! Rear shocks armor skid plate cover by ASFIR

    Tell him Brian B, formerly from Sway-A-Way says hello.
  2. New drop! Rear shocks armor skid plate cover by ASFIR

    Nice! Hey, @ASFIR 4x4 , does Maayan still work there?
  3. Dirt Mountain Hardtop Delivered With Original Defective Part!!!

    You're in the range "...21172..." is the 172nd day of 2021, June 21st. Most of us are just running it and "wait and see". Not much else you can do. My engine is "...21160..." so, right at the beginning of some of the grenaded engines. 2600 miles so far and no issues yet. BTW, that top looks...
  4. Hey Colorado, anybody got a positive review for a dealership with NO MARKUPS for their Bronco?

    Used Loveland. No ADM. Got my 4dr BL at MSRP. Total time at the dealer, to driving home was 2 hrs. Would have been done faster, but they wanted to beat the finance offer I had from a CU. An extra 30 mins. And they beat it by .25% with another outside bank.
  5. New to aftermarket lighting. Street legallity question

    Depends on the sate you live in. I've seen anything above the headlight centerline is illegal, unless they are covered.
  6. Ultimate Badlands Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Happy New Year everyone!
  7. How's the Bronco windshield holding up against rocks?

    300 miles and 8 days of ownership. 1st time on the freeway. Got a chip/spider and tried to schedule a Safelite fill, but was unavailable for 4 weeks. Day before I tried to get it filled, the thing ran.... No windshields available at the time. 3-6 months out. This was back in August. Just got a...
  8. Would they fit Raptor take offs on bronco?

    I do find it a little odd the Bronco uses a slightly larger BC than the F-150.
  9. Would they fit Raptor take offs on bronco?

    I’ve seen one guy do it with spacers/adapters. I wouldn’t do it, but didn’t look that bad.
  10. Current Coiliver Lift Options?

    Camburg is working on a full LT setup.
  11. ETA on Camburg, Fox, or Icon coilovers to add 3-4” lift?

    Hate to pop anyone's bubble. If you get rubbing with 37's without a lift, all of these coil-over kits will still get rubbing with them at bump/compression. These coil-overs only change the position of where the suspension sits and are tuned for a better ride at that height. I used to get this...
  12. Badlands Build 37" | 3.5" 4WP Coilovers | Arms | Track Bar | RC Hidden Winch | Fender Deletes

    Looks great. Curious if the coil-overs came preset at 3.5" of lift or if you cranked them up?
  13. Evolkidbell

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @dbeyers yes
  14. Evolkidbell

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Great sunrise today in FOCO.
  15. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    The two tangs on the factory plug snap into grooves to keep the plug from backing out under vibration. I was curious if the Ronin plug was anti-rotated as well, or just held in with the spring load. Really prefer a mechanical locking method vs. friction locking. I've noticed that the UPR plugs...
  16. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    Question on the Ronin Plug, does it lock into place when seated or does the wave spring hold it in place? I sent a message to the guys at Ronin and got no response.
  17. 2.7 engine failure tracking thread - Ford Please!

    It would be interesting to possibly add Blend/Build date of the vehicle to the mix. I checked my engine sequence and it aligns fairly close to the original blend/build date I had of June 14th. June 9th engine build date, and a July 15th actual blend/build. I also find it interesting that...