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  1. GoRhino D6 Steps and Mudflaps, Anyone done it?

    @TX-Hans I've only noticed two hitting the truck in about 2 weeks. The plastic rivet that holds the front inner fender was long enough to re use through the flap and inner fender. I had to use longer screws in the existing holes for the tiny stock rear mud flap to get enough bite to hold the...
  2. GoRhino D6 Steps and Mudflaps, Anyone done it?

    I have the Go Rhino side steps/rails or whatever they call them and the auto store mud flaps. I only put one extra hole on each side of the vehicle to mount the flaps. Factory holes were used for the remainder of mounting points. I can hear the rocks pinging on those hollow tubes and it sounds...
  3. Windshield Defect

    Yes sir. Just like you, I wanted the Bronco lettering on the windshield. I did not get the chance to grab the MAP sticker.
  4. B&O quality depends on music source

    In my opinion, the factory eq for bass and mid boosts the wrong frequencies for the speaker set. I turned down the bass and mid to zero with treble at 100% and it sounds decent. The phone can be used to re-eq the sound to better match the speaker set. Bronco would need a parametric equalizer to...
  5. Windshield Defect

    I had a defect on my windshield also. It looked like sticker smudge and would not come off. Dealer replaced it with OEM glass in under a week. Dealer had not seen anything like it before.
  6. Had to jump down my dealer throat!!

    This is my guess. Dude probably said he had an Area 51 Bronco in a very heavy foreign accent.
  7. Video: Bill @ Evilletruck goes full send and breaks his Bronco

    This could have been avoided by signing up for the ole off rodeo 🤣
  8. HB Ford has 6 First Editions on lot w/ $50k ADM

    I love my Bronco and haven't even had the chance to offroad it yet. In that same breath, no way is any Bronco worth that kind of money. It's just not and for a dealer or anyone else to believe it is, is dumb. I' so thankful for having an honest Ford dealership to buy from.
  9. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    @CO-Bronco my 8/10 blend was delivered on 11/15 and picked up on 11/17. Shipped date was 10/31. ETA went from 11/26 to 11/18 but showed up at the dealer a little earlier. Transport was by rail from Michigan to southern Louisiana. Hope that gives people some perspective on delivery times. No pics...
  10. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    Got my email link today while the Bronco is in transit. Dealer says it's in Indiana.
  11. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    @CO-Bronco I received my shipped email this morning on my 8/10 build!
  12. UPDATE: Transmission problem before 100 miles- had to be towed 😡

    If Toyota would have done a new design 4Runner or brought back a slightly larger FJ I would have went that route. Ford really did a great job overall with the Bronco. I've been driving my Tundra since 2008 so I'm ready for a change.
  13. UPDATE: Transmission problem before 100 miles- had to be towed 😡

    Man, I just got my built email and feel like the rollercoaster operator just isn't ready to shut it down for us to get off. I've been a Toyota guy for my adult life. I've had to shave heads on a couple of those old 22RE's but they were well into their lifecycle. I know this isn't every one that...
  14. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Just received the built email on my 8/10 build date 4 Dr Wildtrack. It will possibly be here for my birthday. Hoping the best for the rest of the gang.
  15. More on Bronco Airbag Recall – Affects 553 Vehicles

    Yeah I get it but it seems like someone here is always looking for a reason to count up broncos from multiple angles. I enjoy the reading that they provide.
  16. More on Bronco Airbag Recall – Affects 553 Vehicles

    That's pretty eye opening. I'm sure someone on here will calculate the number of Broncos built during the affected time frame and give a percentage of affected Broncos. 😁
  17. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    Got the email today. 8/10 build date, November roof replacement.
  18. Production numbers so far?

    Not all dealer mannequin's have been built/delivered.
  19. An open letter to Ford - Solution to Dirt Mountain

    2 things for me, I hope that lot doesn't get confused with one of the nearby landfills and as long as it still has that new 🆕 car smell, I'm good. When I bought my new 2008 Tundra I had no idea how long it sat on the car lot baking in the sun but oh boy did that new car smell ease my mind .😂