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  1. Powering amp through grommet - big problem need help.

    Hi there! For the main wire grommet you show in the diagram... If i were to poke through the top as shown in the image, could I assume it would come out neatly on the cabin side without tearing anything up? Perhaps with a long skewer? I didn't realize that grommet was empty at the top. I was...
  2. Powering amp through grommet - big problem need help.

    Yes that is the one I was talking about. For anyone following the thread with a manual... I am curious about the grommet illustrated. I will try to poke through there. Not an ideal solution, but in order to run power into the cab, i ran power wire down the driver front wheel well in the...
  3. Powering amp through grommet - big problem need help.

    anyone who can help me please do. I followed all steps on everyone’s post. I have ab amp and the car wired and ready. I go to pass power through the grommet on the drivers side like everyone has been doing and…. I have a manual. That grommet is occupied by my clutch mechanism. does anyone know...
  4. Crutchfield - Outfit the Bronco now available

    I did not. I just wired them right in. I am putting in a kicker key 200.4 amp soon though that will limit the frequencies and equalize things on its own. Tbh, that 4 inch speaker sounds pretty good just plugging in, I’m sure it’s a bit cleaner with bass blockers
  5. Crutchfield - Outfit the Bronco now available

    It sounds so much better. I'm going further and doing more with the system, but simply replacing those does a world of difference.
  6. Need Help with Amp / Speaker Install

    very helpful thank you for your response! I'll ask the dealer if that's something they can do. Also to anyone else out there, I am installing an inline converter near my glove box. It will require 12V power. Anyone know the best place to grab this?
  7. Need Help with Amp / Speaker Install

    Hey @palley6 , that part about splicing in at the kick panels. Can you tell me the actual process, that is where I am hung up. Is there a specific way to splice the wires correctly so that I'm left with a pair for the kick panels and a pair to run to the sub?
  8. Crutchfield - Outfit the Bronco now available

    That speaker definitely fits. You will just have to pry off two of the little brackets which is very easy to do. I did it and I know nothing.
  9. Need Help with Amp / Speaker Install

    Hi guys. First thank you to everyone on this forum for the incredible info on upgrading the audio. I have a set of Kicker CS speakers, a kicker key amp, and a JBL Bass Pro Micro. I need help with two things since this is the first time I've messed with an install since the 90's. First...
  10. 2.7 Gas Mileage - 11.2 MPG!?!

    I have a 2.3 Manual Badlands non squatched with OEM wheels. Getting right under 20mpg with a good mix of city and commute. Up to 3500 miles at this point. I have been using premium since all research showed it getting better mileage. I have not typically used ECO mode. On occasion i go to...
  11. Bronco standard sound system 6 speaker upgrade DIY writeup w/ instructions (dash & kick panel speaker removal) & wiring diagram

    Very interested in hideaway reviews for those using it. I’m either going with something like that or doing the kicker in a box that @philjmatt did
  12. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    The wait has ended. I took receipt of this beauty on October 28th. Honestly been so busy smiling and driving it I have not yet had time to post here. Dealer attempted to play dumb on the deal they signed promising invoice back in January, so after an hour of “negotiating” they honored what they...
  13. Subwoofer & Amp Install in B&O System (OuterBanks/LUX/Sasq/B&O/4dr) - Writeup DIY

    Awesome post and congrats on the build. I am still waiting for someone to take that wall off who did not have B n O to see if any woofer additions can be done there. Glad you got the sound you wanted.
  14. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Just got the email from Ford that mine has finally been built (7/1 build date)
  15. When the unthinkable happens - Bronco damaged at MAP

    I am suspicious - and it might sound crazy - but I’ve got a manual badlands out there. If these are the types of drivers they are using, what are the chances mine is getting bypassed bc they cannot drive a stick??
  16. When the unthinkable happens - Bronco damaged at MAP

    Thanks but not mine. I’m a cactus grey 4 door. If there is a picture of one of those wrecked, I would like to get the kids’ addresses and a list of their fears.
  17. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    I am right there with you. 7/1 build still marooned on dirt mountain. I just want to die
  18. Anyone installed a subwoofer under the rear seat yet?

    Similar question, but has anyone attempted to use the space designated for the subwoofer in the B&O in a standard soundsystem bronco yet? That is what I will try to do if it is not incredibly complicated.
  19. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Hey premier, thanks for the heads up. If you are in Nola by Friday for lunch, great time to go to commanders palace in the garden district. Really nice place and in Friday’s they have 25 cent martinis during lunch with a limit of three per person “because that’s enough” per the menu.
  20. High Resolution Bronco Digital Print with your State / Province / Country Flag ***FREE***

    Freakin awesome. Also good job picking the version with the blood droplets. It’s going on my badlands once she is freed from her prison