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  1. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    Agree 100%. I also haven't liked any of the A51's I have seen with white exterior accents...but the white top here looks fantastic too.
  2. The other retro fender badge.

    Several places sell them. I got mine at the link below. You'll have to remove the studs on the back.
  3. Retro badge with red square

    I'm using these badges. Taking them to a body shop tomorrow to have the SPORT removed and the rectangle painted Badlands Orange to match my trim.
  4. The other retro fender badge.

    I'm using the exact same badges. Taking them to a body shop tomorrow to have the SPORT removed and the rectangle painted Badlands Orange.
  5. Here they are!! Full Center 2 Tone Side Graphics Kits Now Available!

    Love your products and content! For me, this is the best look. Meets seamlessly with the flares, headlights/front bumper and tail lights. Then wraps around the rear door to their other side. I'm not a fan of the pinstripes in the pic. A completely white wrap with these dimensions is a...
  6. My Badlands Review: Initial Impressions

    2nd day reservation. Ordered on Oct 25, 2021. Picked her up on Jan 14, 2022. 4 door Badlands, Sasquatch, A51, 2.7 AT, Lux, Tow, MGV seats, soft top. EXTERIOR It's a beautiful vehicle. In the 3+ days I've had it people have been honking at me on the road, commenting how great it looks, etc. I...
  7. CORRECTION - Damaged in transit. Was: Dealer says my Bronco may be "missing"? WTF

    A couple days ago I saw a post where someone's rail tracking showed a derailment. I think it was in the 12/20 Build Week Group post. Might wanna go through the thread to see if you can find it.🛠-12-20-21-build-week-group.26928/page-335
  8. Any BL/BD owners have Hysky X-act Contour Floor Liner Mats?

    If long have you had them and are the nubs on the bottom scratching the rubberized floor?
  9. Indiana Sasquatch tires & rims $2500

    I haven't decided on a set yet. Might go bronze Methods.
  10. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    I'm at the very Southern end of Indiana. Right across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY
  11. Indiana Sasquatch tires & rims $2500

    Selling all 5 tires and rims (not TPMS). Just picked up from the dealer today (1/14).
  12. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Dealer texted me this afternoon and said my Badlands was delivered today! Planning to pick it up tomorrow. It's been a looooooooooooong road but we're almost home!!! I'll post pics after I pick her up.
  13. Finalizing purchase through (X Plan Eligible)

    My Bronco was delivered to my dealer earlier today. When I logged into my account and went to my gave me an option to complete my purchase online. The very first question asked was if I had an X plan pin code. I input my code and viola....the dealer price dropped by...
  14. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Neither the pizza tracker or my account show my Bronco has been shipped...however...when I just checked it's showing dispatched today. Can anyone confirm if that means my Bronco left MAP on a truck today????
  15. ADV Fiberglass - Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 2

    One piece for me. Also...I prefer the squared off style or the factory top vs the angled look of this one.
  16. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Blend date 12/21. Build date 12/26. Delivery date has been pushed from 1/10 to 1/14...but it hasn't been shipped yet. Apparently my Bronco has been sitting at MAP for the past 2 weeks. :(
  17. Blend 12/21. Built 12/26. Not shipped.

    This is driving me crazy. My rig has been sitting at MAP for going on 2.5 weeks. Delivery date has been pushed back from 1/10 to 1/14 but the pizza tracker and regular Ford site both show it hasn't been shipped yet. Ugh!