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  1. 02/28/22 Build Week Thread

    Dealer tells me my Wildtrak is scheduled for 2/28 . . . 4 door / Black / Leather / Lux / Floor Liners / Hitch / Side Steps / Key code / Hard Top / Bimini / HD Bumper / RR Tonneau / Cargo Protector / Storage Bags . . . Hour two order FINALLY have build date and VIN . . . but no update of the website.
  2. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    I'm okay with it . . . none of my current or past vehicles ever had it anyway so I am sure I can live without it.
  3. Latest constraints?

    Have to say . . . I agree - and I do have the floor mats in my spec!!! . . .
  4. Latest constraints?

    Nothing new . . . and I still have em all - but no plans of changing anything!
  5. 2/21/2022 Build Week Group

    Well I am a Day One, Hour Two reservation and last week got my build date (2/21/2022) and then a VIN Number . . . a ray of hope?
  6. Quick Delivery using Bronco6G Advice

    Ha - no kidding . . . I think I have all of the 'sins' with the 4 dr WT but decided from day one that I wanted everything I am asking for and willing to wait!! Was #2 at my dealer but even that didn't make much difference. Could've gone with the soft top once it was pushed to being a '22 and...
  7. Quick Delivery using Bronco6G Advice

    Same here my friend - order placed at 11pm Day One - just (TODAY) got a build date for the 3rd week in February so maybe it will be here in less than two years! Still won't compromise on my build . . . but I get it!
  8. Quick Delivery using Bronco6G Advice

    Good for you!!! I have an 11pm, Day One reservation and JUST got word that it is schedule to be built during the 3rd week of February . . . so if all goes well I will have it in less than two years since reserving . . . fortunately for me I am a patient man. I thought about making some changes...
  9. Regretting order?

    Probably been mentioned a few times - Leather is the only way to get power seats, and only on the 4 door at that. I think the cloth is actually pretty nice - the WT mannequin I had for the weekend had the cloth and I'd have gone that way as well but am spoiled and want power.
  10. Is it possible to get my Bronco by the end of the year?

    I have a Day One, hour 2, reservation. Wildtrak 4 door / Lux / Leather / etc . . . and I have zero expectations of seeing it until after 01/01/2022 . . . I have been patient all along and have not intention of settling for less than what I want and have faith that it will be worth the wait!! ...
  11. 2 Door or 4 Door ?

    And capability. Each to their own but to state anything except a 2 door is not a Bronco is ludicrous.
  12. 2 Door or 4 Door ?

    I ordered at day 1, hour 2, a 4 door Wildtrak / Lux / Leather / etc. For me this will essentially be my daily driver. I have a 17 Raptor crew with 160k that I will be semi-retiring, likely to drive a day or two a week. I work 30 miles - all highway unfortunately - from home and the Wildtrak...
  13. 2 Door or 4 Door ?

    Until now. It's evolution . . . and still a Bronco.
  14. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    Cool. It is worth it to me . . . basically for the Adaptive Cruise (I have it on my Raptor and the wife's CX5 and have become spoiled - and the plan is to park the Raptor @5 days a week and make the Wildtrak my almost daily driver so I 'need' the ACC!) and the upgraded B&O, while it may be far...
  15. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    I believe this is the system included with the LUX package.
  16. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    Excellent info . . . drove my dealers mannequin (4dr Wildtrak with the soft-top and only had mid package so NOT the upgraded sound system) and even with the soft top my passenger and I were generally pleased with the sound until I got rolling 75-80 on the highway. At that point it needed to be...
  17. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    I month behind the wheel of a Gladiator Mojave last spring (2020 - timing phasers replaced on my Raptor and it took a month to get the parts in early in the pandemic) cemented my Bronco decision. Maybe I had a rarity - but the steering was awful . . . I drive 30 miles each way on the highway to...
  18. My 2 Week, 1000 Mile Review [4-Door Wildtrak]

    Awesome. Thank you for this!! Also have the WT reserved day one . . . the tan interior did create some hesitation but the black accents were the deciding factor - mine was supposed to be in AMB, which will be going away and now that all hard tops are pushed to '22 (you are incredibly LUCKY to...
  19. Why no ventilated seats, HUD, or other luxury items?

    Good luck actually getting a 21 KR for 60k . . . as mentioned - you're comparing two different vehicles and if you're looking for those specific amenities (and you won't find HUD on a KR either) the Bronco clearly is not for you! Best wishes going forward.