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  1. Why no V8 for Bronco Raptor - reason from Ford

    At least they didn’t just put up a giant circus tent to assemble the Bronco Raptor.
  2. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    I can already tell they’re going to sucker me into spending $600 on this thing.
  3. Is the Rivian Bronco competition?

    At the higher end of the segment, I know some people who passed over the Bronco to get a Rivian. I’m not sure it’s a huge draw from Bronco faithful.
  4. Are you telling dealer no stickers on your Bronco?

    I did not. I thought this was a bit of a stretch for my dealership.
  5. Dealership Canceled/Stole My Bronco Order 2 weeks from delivery

    This was always a risk when pushing the issue. Sorry it turned out for you as it did. Hopefully you can get your $100 back.
  6. Are they a true 315/70r17?

    Every tire manufacturer lists the outside diameter in the tire spec. Goodyear never said it’s a 35.” Ford says it’s a 35” but it’s not.
  7. You think we could get Godzilla?

    I like the 7.3 and it’s dimensionally smaller than the 5.0 Coyote. I will say, it sounds like a bread truck. It doesn’t have the hum or exhaust note that’s super sexy.
  8. Not ok! Dealer taking liberties with customer and charging for unnecessary "Accessory Package"

    Third alternative between walking and paying $1,800 for these options.... I'd likely attempt to get $1,800 worth of stuff I'd rather have over $1,800 worth of stuff you don't want.
  9. Moab Off Rodeo Lodging, Dranking, & Stuff - Please Recommend

    The Element and Fairfield each have a fabulous pool. If you’re going in non pool months, don’t worry.
  10. Moab Off Rodeo Lodging, Dranking, & Stuff - Please Recommend

    I stayed in KOA for a few nights and we stayed in Element for the last night. The element was a very good value and one of my favorite hotels ever. I've stayed in hundreds of hotels and Element seemed to strike a good balance. The Hoodoo is very nice, but it was like $450/night during the...
  11. Color in Configuration not matching vehicle details in Order summary

    If it correct on the DORA, that's what matters. Mine never matched until it was scheduled for production. They don't seem to update the pics between confirmation and scheduling.
  12. Thumbs down!!

    I haven’t had any Jeep hate. The owners of old chevies and a Tacoma seem to be the most ridiculous.
  13. Opinions on 5 tire rotation? I'm torn.

    A tire under your truck or on the back of the vehicle is going to be reach the end of its life at some point. The sun and water are going to wear it at some rate similar to your your tires. I’ve had a blowout from a spare tire. I’d just switch it out.
  14. Opinions on 5 tire rotation? I'm torn.

    I called 5-6 of the dealerships in town and they found mostly clueless about this. I have to debate if I want to bitch and moan until they do it. Or if I just want to do it myself.
  15. Any new news on Westabo setting up another plant for Bronco top production?

    I don’t get the sense they’re building a greenfield plant. They said it would be operational this quarter.
  16. Order Transfers are now 'Courtesy Deliveries'

    You cannot transfer an order. An order is at a particular dealer. I don’t know why anyone thinks they can transfer an order.
  17. Order Transfers are now 'Courtesy Deliveries'

    What’s weird, I transferred an unconverted Lightning reservation in about 15 minutes. My unconverted Bronco reservation is a much different story. It has not been moved, because of the weirdness.