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  1. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    It arrived. Picking up Friday afternoon. Terrible pic by sales guy.
  2. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    In route about 3 hours away from Mobile.
  3. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Me too. I found one of my previous historic links and it loads fine but often can’t log in from the webpage. I just leave it open on a tab and refresh now. **maybe try this one
  4. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    My date on the United Road has an ETA of tomorrow at the dealership. I don’t think I’ll be able to get it until Saturday though. I have some travel for work I can’t change this week. Also, I have not seen it in person, but I kinda wish I would have changed to the modular bumper. I missed...
  5. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Bronco is still chilling in Birmingham. I’m sure it will show up while I’m traveling.
  6. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    No, I just don’t like it. I love the F150 Raptor, but feel like they are off target of this one. If anything, I’m glad I didn’t wait and my badlands will be here soon. I hope people love it and buy the crap out of it, but it won’t be me.
  7. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I’ll be in for $10.
  8. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    Getting a lot closer to being “in” the club.
  9. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group Poking around on other similar issues seems to possibly related to 4x4 module (not sure if this is...
  10. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Are you checking the United Road status and how many cars are ready for pick-up? Mine dropped off the 19th as well, but was the only one at the stop. Now there are 4 but I imagine they try to maximize the car hauler capacity and fewest stops. Just my guess.
  11. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I gave the the OCD list to my dealer and they said that’s fine use whatever you want. See you in a few days. I’m still in Birmingham, AL and waiting pick-up to Mobile. There are 4 total cars at the rail yard stop now waiting for pick-up.
  12. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I swear I remember seeing something about this warning before and they found something disconnected. I’ll see if I can find the thread.
  13. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Good deal. I’m probably in the minority based on the outcry but I don’t really care about the digital readout on the knobs. I’m good with screen display.
  14. Confirmed unannounced changes for the 2022 MY

    I’ve seen BD tow hooks were reduced to 1 on the rear. I’m not sure if this was announced or not.
  15. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I’m hoping mine doesn’t take longer to get picked up by United Road. It is at a different location in Birmingham than all the other vehicles going to Mullinax
  16. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    My car is empty and picked up by the customer. Woohoo! I’m now pending pick-up by United.
  17. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Mine said constructively placed, then mystery location (google said Two Zero), and then lastly placed in industry. Basically, I have no idea.