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  1. Underground Graphics 3-Bar Sport Retro Stripes on Cactus Gray BD, SAS flares, 2" lift, 35" BFG KO2, 17x9 Fuel Block

    Do you guys make any rocker panel kits? I don't want stripes running down the complete side of my Bronco but would consider a rocker panel kit to help protect against stone chips as well as offer some flare. I can't find many that I like.
  2. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Drops Camo to Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    I also thought it was funny that they said it was muscular when everyone said the opposite when the Ridgeline came out. My Ridgeline has been the most reliable and versatile vehicle I’ve ever owned. It drives like a SUV but has all the benefits of a truck. I will probably keep it forever...
  3. 🦖 Ranger Raptor Drops Camo to Show Muscular Body & Revised Front Fascia

    Agreed. That’s the first thing I thought. Looks like my 2008 Ridgeline.
  4. 2021 WHITE Badlands Build

    Well that's answers my questions about the Geometric design Visco decals. Looks sweet. Was wondering if the BRONCO letters were black or body colored. Either way will look good on my Velocity blue machine. I like the decal scheme. I thought the rocker panels would extend all the way to the...
  5. Visco Stripe Kits - Bronco Graphics Previews

    I would be interested in seeing this one installed also. I am considering it. Maybe I'll be the first one!
  6. Hello from NC!

    I couldn't find any dealer in the area that would even talk to me when I was inquiring back in 2020. Nobody would commit to a price. I ended up at Stephens and picked up my Bronco in August 2021. Great bunch of folks up there at Stephens. Sold to me at $1K under invoice just like they...
  7. Show me your Black Diamond Bronco's!

    The 285/70R17 tires fit fine on the vehicle. I haven't had any rubbing of any kind with the Cooper tires. I also haven't tried any major articulation or taken it off road. I did have to trim the two rubber stops that are used to support the spare tire on the back swing door. We couldn't...
  8. BRONCO First Edition raffle ...ENDS IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR!

    Entered or donated. Either way a good cause!! :)
  9. Show me your Black Diamond Bronco's!

    Cooper Discover AT3 4S. P285/70R17. Fit fine with no issues in drive ability. Did need to trim the rubber bumpers for the spare but that’s it. These tires are fantastic on the road vs the factory Grabbers. I had vibrations and noise in the cabin that I could never get rid of. Just awful...
  10. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Black Diamond steelies with 285/70R17 Cooper AT3 4Ss. No modes needs except to trim the rubber bumpers for the spare.
  11. Show me your Black Diamond Bronco's!

    Base Black Diamond with 2.3l, 7 speed. Added 285/70R17’s. Took delivery in August 2021. It’s worth the wait.
  12. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    Just thought I’d share because I think it’s a cool night picture of Velocity Blue.
  13. Installed Aeroskin II Black textured Hood Deflector

    Here’s a couple pics on velocity blue. Like mine also.
  14. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Looks wimpy compared to some. 285/70R17 on Black Diamond Steelies. No problems with fitment at all.
  15. Larger Tires on Black Diamond Steelies

    285/70R17 fit no problem. I put some on today and look good with the steelies. Cooper AT3 4S. Wow and what a difference over the crappy factory Generals. Had them rebalanced twice but still had a nasty natural frequency type vibration. Cabin vibration was terrible with those things. I...
  16. Show Your Christmas Bronco Swag

    My Bronco swag is being able to go for a ride with the top down on Christmas Day. Had a beautiful ride today. 70 degree Christmas Day.
  17. 2.3L really needs to be tuned better

    Dang. I wish I could get 21 MPG. My Black Diamond gets 18.2-18.4 MPG no matter if I drive on the highway or the back roads. I love the ride and it's a joy to drive, but a gas saver it is not. It's a 2.3l manual. Sport mode has more power than I'll ever need. It's hard to drive it easy it...
  18. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Hey all! Confirmed that @ric42pars took delivery on August 27. I haven't been on here in a bit nor have I been through this thread. Just replying to the message.
  19. Colorado maiden voyage for a Black Diamond Bronco

    Thanks for the input @BaseBD. I was considering these tires at one time that’s why I asked. When I picked up my BD, I’m like this is plenty big enough for me. I was just wondering how those taller tires handled. The E rating may be a bit stiff. I actually found the stock 32 Generals to be...
  20. Colorado maiden voyage for a Black Diamond Bronco

    Hey that looks just like mine except I have the stock tires still. Here in NC, have no problem with power. Put it in Sport mode and it's has more power than I know what to do with. I also have the 2.3L, manual. Next to my 97 M3, this is the most fun vehicle I've ever driven. After a little...