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  1. well, that was a horrible idea.....

    Damn where can I get one? love it!!
  2. Broncogoat

    Ohio Bronco Club

    Sound good I would be up for this summer
  3. Ohio Roll Call

    Yes, picked up my 4Dr badlands October 8th
  4. Rear Seat Delete, DIY Platform 2-Door

    Very nice work!! Looks great
  5. Who did this? Mary Kay

    Jersey mall crawler wrap. lol
  6. Tell me I'm not alone.

    After buying cars for 40 years I've only ever regretting not spending a little extra for features I wish I had later. I wanted to be cheap on the bronco as well, but if you start thinking about how much mods cost it's far cheaper to have it on the vehicle in the first place so you won't have to...
  7. This better not be in the Bronco

    Not much different that owning a cell phone!!
  8. FWIW. Soft Top vs MIC Hardtop 2.0 - real world experience

    After having my Badlands for two months the MIC top is rattling on the passenger side every time I hit a bump. I have taken the top off 4 or 5 times to try and figure out what's going on without any luck. I'm going to have to take it back to the dealer for a review of the situation. Very...
  9. Tell me I'm not alone.

    Buy what fits your needs if your just looking for the look the base with sas gets you there. One can spend a ton of $ on this as I did, but I keep my vehicles a long time minimum of 10 years. The only thing I would suggest would be changing to the black diamond with sas and mid package. This...
  10. Ford Accessories: 15% OFF until December 31 (up to $1k purchase)

    Would that be with the same lead time as the vehicle order now and receive in 2024?
  11. AMB is the best color ever.

    Nothing shows dust better than black than AMB . Also all metal flake paints are the most difficult to match if you ever need touch up. ADM the worse color in the line up and the reason it has been discounted. I'm guessing the same people the like liver and onions like AMB
  12. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Just inspected mine I've had two weeks and one side appears to be expanding slightly. If you look at this panel on the other side of the window the plastic covers this material I wonder why they didn't do this on the rear? At least you live in Phoenix not sure how this top is going to hold up...
  13. Update: resolved in part thanks to this community!...Dealer stated FoMoCo canceled my First Edition (VIN in hand)

    Raptor if I could afford it might be 85K, but then again we have all heard Ford's promises before. What does first really mean. It has meant nothing in some cases such as yours. First Edition means you reserved in the first hour and pushed to 22 with the games that have been played I would just...
  14. As much as it pains me to write this, I think that I have finally been pushed too far...

    Switch to the standard MIC top and have it painted locally won't have the removal windows in the back, but at this stage one wonders if a Mod top will become a reality. For soft top just buy and after market or one from the dealer after delivery. This would get you your Bronco before spring...
  15. Article: Bronco reservations could be delayed for years.

    I agree have had a Ford since 86 , and just received my Bronco. Ford needs to stick to the original plan and fill reservations first.
  16. Broncogoat

    Ohio Bronco Club

    @FourHorses I agree straight shooter and all dealers are in a tough position right now.
  17. Broncogoat

    Ohio Bronco Club

    I picked up my Bronco from Germain Ford in Beavercreek OH (Dayton) Friday and was worried as you , but had no issues the price was MSRP. They said they posted my Bronco the day before on line at 25K over sticker and receive 30 calls within an hour of people wanting to buy it then pulled it. I...
  18. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    My dealer has only delivered one and that was mine this past Friday. They receive a BB for the showroom floor just two weeks ago. I'm sure there are a lot of dealers that has seen nothing.