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  1. My Bronco got burglarized. [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I'm sorry that happened. I'm going to go ahead and guess that you live in a northern city.

    Nitto does not sell ridge grapplers in 37s. Those are 38s
  3. Bronco 2.7 blown engine

    If Ford is gonna shove all the ecoboost BS down our throats, they can at least make them good.
  4. Check your Bronco order status using back door link. Found out I'm In-Production without email received

    Mine is scheduled but I still can't track anything on Ford's website. Does anyone know where to find your VIN?
  5. How to find out when your order will be pulled.

    I have no idea who he called. He said that he called numerous people
  6. How to find out when your order will be pulled.

    A couple weeks ago I posted a forum saying my dealer made several phone calls to Ford and found out that my Bronco would be built in February even though I did not have a build date or anything in the backdoor link. People replied to me saying I should not believe my dealer and that they were...
  7. My dealer just told me I will receive my VIN in January

    I am a July 30 reservation holder. I ordered a 2 door squatched badlands with the lux package. After not getting scheduled yesterday, I decided to call my dealer and ask what allocation number I am and how many more unscheduled allocations are ahead of me. I did this to get an idea of if I had a...
  8. MIC vs soft top percentage of orders with a VIN

    I just posted a poll asking who has gotten a build date yet. It came out that about 50% have gotten one. I now want to know how many of those are the MIC top.
  9. Percentage of order holders with a VIN

    It's looking like 50/50 to me. I wonder if this poll is biased though because it is on a forum with die hard bronco enthusiasts who mostly reserved day 1 and would mean more yes votes than normal
  10. Percentage of order holders with a VIN

    I will be posting a poll after every scheduling day to see how much further we are in the process of getting orders scheduled. If you have received your build date/VIN or have already taken delivery of your vehicle, say yes. If not, answer no. My last poll was posted November 22 and the results...
  11. Kiss of Death

    While the wait is still ridiculous, I feel like that is a lot to expect with an October 2020 reservation.
  12. Could all orders be fulfilled in 2022?

    That's Broncos sold. Not Broncos produced
  13. Could all orders be fulfilled in 2022?

    November sales reports have been posted by Ford and so far 43,711 Broncos have been produced so far. Keep in mind, major production didn't begin until half way through 2021 and production was far from being on full speed. There are about 120,000 orders to fulfill total and Ford has completed...
  14. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    I would place another reservation at another dealership. Then you can just go with whichever bronco comes first.
  15. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Is Granger the dealership that promised below invoice and is the dealership that will take years to fulfill orders?
  16. 4 year wait for Bronco orders?

    Do you think that broncos produced are 100% for orders? Or are some of them dealer allocations?