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  1. Interior easily scratched

    I noticed this as well. I have infrequently used the rear cargo area and recently noticed scratches on the sidewalls. Also my daughter has ridden in the backseat only twice and I noticed scuffs and very light scratches on the interior of the rear door. I was very surprised in both instances. No...
  2. MY2022 vs MY2021 Bronco Changes - Full List

    From the Eruption Green Thread.
  3. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    I love it. Bummed Eruption Green was not available when I ordered by Shadow Black Bronco. The reason I liked the Bronco was because of the retro aesthetic. This takes it to a whole new level.
  4. How's the top end on the 2.3

    I own a 2.3 Base 4-door with OBX takeoffs to replace the steelies. I drove a Wrangler for more than 7 years before the Bronco. I am always surprised how much pick up the Bronco has. I hear that wanes some with the bigger tires. But in my opinion the 2.3 is more than adequate for passing or...
  5. The Jackie Robinson of automotive design who helped shape the Bronco forever

    I hate the fact that at times you feel isolated on the forums. I believe most people on here are united by a common interest in an incredibly well designed vehicle that is a fitting homage to Mr. Thompson’s original design. Being enthusiasts with common interests transcends any differences.
  6. The Jackie Robinson of automotive design who helped shape the Bronco forever

    Thanks for posting this. As a former Wrangler owner turned Bronco owner, it was the retro design that drew me to the Bronco. I appreciate the modern interpretation of Mr. McKinley Thompson's design. I agree that this is one thing Ford got right, (look at the new Chevy Blazer and you realize how...
  7. Husky Floor Liners Mats vs Ford Factory Floor Liners - pics & review

    Same here. I have called Husky several times and each time they say they are expected "next week".
  8. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Congratulations on the base order. 2 door Eruption Green is the best looking combo. I have a 2021 4 door base in Shadow Black. However, I was disappointed that Eruption Green wasn't available when I ordered. Steelies with large tires look great (see Budget Bronco's video on YouTube). I am very...
  9. Cracked Windshield

    As a former Wrangler owner, I am familiar with cracked windshields. But I was very disappointed to see a crack appear after less than a month of driving the Bronco. Normally, I know when the cracked happens from the loud thud. Never heard the rock hit the windshield on this one. I noticed the...
  10. Husky X-act Contour® All-Weather Floor Liners

    I had these in my Jeep and I agree these are the best floor liners on the market. After 7 years of hard use they looked brand new. However, I reached out to Bestop and they stated that they have no plans on manufacturing floor liners for the Bronco. Unfortunately, my recent experience with...
  11. Heal'n thru Wheel'n : Bronco Build Tribute to Lost Son

    Sorry for your loss. This must be a difficult time for you. The Bronco and “Heal’n thru Wheel’n” seems like a fitting tribute. I wish you all the best and hope you find some measure of “heal’n” in the future.
  12. Bronco's unexpected quirks. What'cha got!?

    Could be a Bronco quirk or uninformed user, but the clock on the display does not keep time. It seems to loose time when I park in an underground parking deck. I have to reset the clock daily. However, I really have not had the time to investigate the cause, so this may be on the user and not...
  13. Looking for wheels and tires (“take offs”).

    Looks great but my Bronco finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and purchased a set of OBX take offs. Thanks for reaching out.
  14. Built Badlands with 40's (non SAS) vs built Jeep Wrangler on the rocks

    You may be correct, but that solid front axle is hard to beat. A lot of people criticize the Wrangler for the solid front axel, but it is obviously a superior design for hard core rock crawling. I am in the minority I know, but I prefer the feel of the solid front axle. However, I do acknowledge...
  15. RESOLVED! Dealer screwed me - 10k over msrp - Lindsay Ford - Wheaton, MD

    I never use fowl language - I just don't give a cluck
  16. 🛠 11/15/21 build week group

    Delivery complete. 11/19 actual build date (was scheduled for 11/17). Delivered to the dealer on the evening of 12/02. Picked up from the dealership today (12/4). Glad the saga is over. I appreciate all the information from this thread. I felt like that I was at least informed as to what was...
  17. Wrapped my Base MIC top in Gloss White

    Great job. Looks fantastic.
  18. Why is Dealer Allocation even a thing?

    Many years ago, a dealer told me that the allocation system exists so Ford can sell unpopular models of vehicles. For example, if a dealer sells 5 of an unpopular model vehicle Ford will allocate 10 F-150s. Made sense to me at the time. The dealer then told me if I had a choice I would only...