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  1. Official Big Bend Club

    My Bender is bouncing into Virginia tomorrow. 1.25”’wheel spacers and 285/70R17 Ridge Grapplers. Rigid Pod Lifhts.
  2. Hot Pepper Red Bronco Raptor spotted! Looks better in person

    I'm going to break ranks and say that I'm truly digging the absurdity of the Raptor! This same color OBX is cute, but it now seems to look 'cute' --- whereas the Raptor is a Beast. I can't afford Beast-Mode, but I dig the ballzy look.
  3. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    PRODUCT IDEA: For people in sunny climates having a top with no sides is great for keeping the sun off while having an open-air feel/. Could you give us the option to only buy the top roof section? i’f run around with that setup 6 months out of the year: Leave the doors off too.. Gloss black...
  4. Fender vents on Bronco Raptor …why is no one talking about them?

    Yup, the hood an defender vents are kickass!!! The Raptor needed to stand apart in the fenders department. Yeah they aren’t as pretty as the standard ones….but perhaps non-pretty was the objective. Make it badass functional. It’s hardcore, and will be sought after by a small segment of...
  5. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    I think there will be an upgraded hitch available from somewhere. The frame can handle 7500lbs in the Ranger.
  6. 33s on Sasquatch, anyone?

    Just curious, I wonder if your fuel economy is somewhat better because the fender flares are flush with the outside of the tire. In stock form, the fenders are all little parachutes. Now, it's nicely sealed and streamlined.
  7. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    credible endorsement
  8. 🦖 2022 Bronco Raptor Official Reveal! Specs | Info | Wallpaper | Photos | Videos

    Existing Reservation Holders are being Prioritized! Ford had a plan to take care of the remainder of us: thanks are in order.
  9. 1.5” wheel spacers with Sasquatch installed

    I would guess yes. I doubt those would fit on non-SAS rims, though.
  10. Antimatter Blue 2 Door Sasquatch Build

    Looks tight. AMB 2Doors are rare; nice choice.
  11. DIY rear bumper build

    The integrated hitch is brilliant! The lighter Broncos can likely carry far more than 3500lbs. Would be great to have a strong hitch. Sell that thing!
  12. 1.5” wheel spacers with Sasquatch installed

    Looks great! I have 1.25” on my NonSas, and it entirely changes the stance/look for only $260
  13. Biggest crunch I’ve seen a Bronco take!

    I admire the cahonez. The Sasquatch’s 210 front axle would help. I imagine they will keep the trail scars for the memories.
  14. MY2022 vs MY2021 Bronco Changes - Full List

    We collectively need to complain less. It's embarrassing.
  15. Who Is BAMF?

    Looks great! Good luck, and thanks for adding some variety to the Broncoscape.
  16. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    The one downside of this for Ford (and all of us who enjoyed countless hours trying to game-out the B&P) is that the trim levels would be irrelevant if everything were a la carte. Who would bother with getting a WIldtrak if you could buy a Base and add the options? A Badlands becomes special...
  17. 2022 Broncos No Longer Have Temperature Setting Displayed on Control Knobs

    Priceless! I was just thinking about how happy I am to have the temp display...and this captures it LMAO!!!
  18. 2 inch lift and 35s before and after pics

    BigBender wheels look great. I went with 33's and no lift, but added 1.25" wheel spacers. It looks very similar to yours stance-wise.
  19. 2022 Bronco has rear sway bar UPDATE: POLL ADDED

    The 2021 Ranger has a tow rating of 7500lbs with the same chassis. Seems stiffer rear springs could allow real-world safe towing of a lot more than 3500lbs.