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  1. AZ Delivery times

    A little less than a month for mine.
  2. Stuck in 4L - not a good start

    Turn the truck off, leave it off for about minute. Turn it back on, set goat mode to normal. Then shift to 2H.
  3. How does Hennessey get the stock for the builds?

    Given his history that's a loaded question.
  4. So a tree fell on my Bronco…

    Nothing to add here but, AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sorry.
  5. MY2022 vs MY2021 Bronco Changes - Full List

    In the case of a solid rear axle the bar increases the wheel rate in single wheel bump while having little change to both wheels rate acting in bump in the same direction. It increases roll wheel rates in cornering while keeping ride quality.
  6. M&R Automotive 40" ROOF MOUNT LIGHTBAR KIT

    It seems clear from the high beams to white only light bar there is not only more light in a broader pattern, but the projection is profoundly better. I don't think in lumens so it's hard to visualize what 15k means. Thanks for the pics.
  7. Did you finance or pay cash?

    My investments are earning a higher percentage than I'm paying in the auto loan. So, I put just enough down to get the best rates and leaving my money in the investments. I think that's smarter money on the long run.
  8. Bronco Raptor Interior Spied With Paddle Shifters, Digital Analog-Style Tach & Upgraded Dash

    It looks like the paddles are on the column. Which is good, the ones in my Fuspo we're on the wheel and it got confusing.
  9. My Parking Space

    That reminds me of a story from college. Myself and a few friends decided to stay on at school over the holidays to make some money on work study jobs. In the evenings we would go to the on campus bar or watch movies in one of our rooms, etc., nothing too exciting since we were in the Vermont...
  10. My Parking Space

    We've had it since the end of October and we've wheeled it about every other weekend since then. I had to skip this past weekend due to work being so busy and my dad in the hospital with covid. So, I set the pressure on my bleeders, tried out my exhaust gas jack, tested the ARB compressor, and...
  11. My Parking Space

    They're all in Reddington Pass which is at the northeast corner of Tucson. The top two are on the Chiva (Chivo) Falls trail. The bottom two are at one of my favorite spots, Chimney Rock.
  12. My Parking Space

    Only at night. :ROFLMAO:
  13. My Parking Space

    Ours is a Wildtrak, but close. You'll love the color in different lighting.
  14. My Parking Space

    Goofing off.
  15. My Parking Space

    Cuz I can.
  16. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Just received and installed mine. This is a very nicely designed, built and finished product. My compliments to the chef.
  17. These kind of reviews just don't make sense to me.

    I hear that kind of crap all the time from people who lack the talent to create something coherent. Something like; "We're shifting the paradigm of how we view our lives in the context of architecture." Uh huh, it's acturally loosely translated to, "I couldn't figure out how to make the roof...
  18. Anyone going to Nevada Off Rodeo?

    The guides walk you through each challenging obstacle, follow the instructions of the spotter and you'll have no trouble and a lot of fun. Dead man's drop is not the hardest obstacle, but the best photo op. Lot's of wheels up action.
  19. 2.7L blown engine fail list . . 31 so far [Jan 21 update]

    Mine is 21169. No issues so far, almost to 3K miles. But, if it happens, it happens, it's under warranty.