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  1. Texas Set of 5 SAS wheels for sale

    I kept the stock tires. Just changed out the wheels.
  2. Texas Sold: Set of 5 SAS wheels for sale

    DFW area. Best reasonable offer takes them. Also have rock slider takeoffs for sale.
  3. Sold: SAS wheels

    5 wheels for sale. Most reasonable offer will be accepted. DFW area.
  4. ARCHETYPE RACING | BAM-BYODR (Billet Aluminum Modular Bring Your Own Device Rail)

    Do you have a specific USB hub picked out yet?
  5. 1/22/2022 - Installed ARB Twin Compressor | My Shadow Black Badlands Sasquatch Build

    Can't believe how many similar mods we both have. I have the same wheels on order, only in bronze. Yours looks so good!
  6. Curt Class II Trailer Hitch -- the $111 DIY Hitch that Looks Good

    Note to self, don't let hitch fall on face 🤣🤣
  7. 🛠 9/20 Build Week Group

    I was scheduled to be built the week of 10/04. After midnight tonight my sticker showed up. Vehicle Tracker still at order confirmed. Not even a link for the window sticker. Sticker says Blend Date is 9/23.
  8. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    So are we about 2 weeks away now from seeing window stickers beginning to populate?
  9. Fog lamps for Modular Bumper?

    Thanks, but it doesn't matter that much. Whenever it ships it will still arrive before my Bronco does.
  10. Fog lamps for Modular Bumper?

    Think I see mine in there!
  11. Full PPF wrapped my entire Bronco First Edition !

    Thanks for this reference. I live in Argyle and will be visiting this place whenever my Bronco is delivered.
  12. Demonstration video clips when?

    When mine is parked in front of my house
  13. You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    Good for you! I'm at 14 months myself and live just down the road from you in Argyle.