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  1. Is price protection working for eligible people taking delivery of their vehicles?

    No, it was from a memo sent to dealers. But it tells them what system the certificate is in for them to retrieve it. Now, if someone has already completed the purchase, you might be SOL because it says it can be used when taking delivery/at purchase.
  2. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Chuck Anderson is who I went with. I'm in OK & they're almost 5 hours from me, but have been awesome to deal with. Sold them my truck for a great price & ordered/bought a Super Duty from them while waiting for my Bronco. Great communication the whole way, always answered my calls or called back...
  3. 📬 8/26 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Right, get scheduled for 2021, you're good. Don't get scheduled for 21 you lose. Just like I said.
  4. 📬 8/26 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    If you have Rapid or AMB and you are SCHEDULED (=VIN) for 2021 you're good. If not, tough crap. So if you're a 2 DR and got bumped already, you're SOL.
  5. RAPID RED Bronco Club

    Yes. It does look good. Too bad you're yanking that beautiful color away from us early res holders that you bumped to next year. Not happy at all!!!!
  6. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    @Ford Motor Company Here. We. Go. I've always been a truck girl. Love both the old Blazers and Broncos, and have owned too many trucks to count. After the shitshow that Chevy turned into with their AFM, ugly ass new body styles, and the complete utter embarrassment that is the granny wagon...
  7. Okc/OK check in?

    Matthews Ford in Tulsa has a 4 door demo. Not sure what trim- I just saw it from the highway & when I called about it, they didn't know without going to look. Riverside Ford has a 4 door Black Diamond Squatch with 2.7, and were happy to let me test drive even w/o an order with them. I'm still...