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  1. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    "I love mine" best phrase so far, all others are a waste of time.
  2. 2.7 Gas Mileage - 11.2 MPG!?!

    I'm at 4k miles, 4d Badlands Sasquatch, been getting 17 mpg consistently... I do notice the milage is great on back roads cruising around 50 mph, drinks heaving on the freeway going 75 mph.
  3. Sweet! Bronco screen (Sync) has weather and radar!

    Pretty sure this is included (not free) when you select the "connected navigation" option, otherwise "free" for 90 days after purchase of vehicle without the option. Mine just ran out... Never used or selected because I primarily used android auto for navigation, weather, music etc.
  4. No Bronco scheduling next week (11/8)

    Mine is in production with a tentative scheduled delivery date of 11/25. 4D BD 2.7 soft top with mid pac and towing.
  5. E85/FlexFuel conversion possible?

    FYI, my other car is a 2018 wrx, (turbo 4) and I run an e30 tune, I mix a 2:1 ratio of 91 and e85, and get about 80+ hp. E85 is cheap race fuel 100+ octane, turbo engines love it!!