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  1. What's next?

    Don't forget about manual vs auto
  2. If Ford were to make a full size bronco...

    So .... We will have the bronco sport, the bronco bronco, then the bronco excursion?
  3. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    Guess I simply don't care much about the engine available. If it has a low range transfer case and can do the speed limit I will be happy. If course this is coming from a guy who currently wheels a 60 horsepower Suzuki samurai.... And I can promise my sammy will out 4 wheel any stock version...
  4. Spy Video, Underbody / Suspension and Interior Closeups of 2021 Bronco Prototype!

    Can you turn it off in current Ford vehicles?
  5. New Full Length Official Bronco Prototype Testing Video

    I think pictures of the 2 door is enough to convince me it will be capable of tough, tight, technical trails. The wheelbase and tiny nose/tail overhangs says it all. Of course, more flexy is more sexy sooo....
  6. New Land Rover Defender ad

    I will concede that it's a million times better than their new discovery. This thing is what the disco should have been... The new defender should have been basic, simple, affordable, easy to work on and fix. I get that it's not as profitable or within the companies direction they want to go...
  7. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    I definitely joke about the SFA thing, especially now that it gets chairs thrown at me. My thing is, I'm hoping for a no compromise offroad beast. To me, ifs is a total compromise away from rugged and towards comfort. It tells me Ford is afraid the (relatively) rough ride would turn people...
  8. ↻ What Will Your Bronco Be Up To In Ten Years? ↻

    By then they will be used long enough for me to afford one
  9. The sketch monkey render.

    I like to watch his other videos. He understands car design pretty well. But that's just it. CAR. He is a city boy who doesn't get the offroad thing or trucks.
  10. Bronco humor thread


    And also if it's not the 7.3 V8 I'm getting the new Wrangler! *Ducks into fetal position*

    I guess nobody is changing anyone's kind about it.. especially my opinion that ifs SUCKS and is worthless
  13. Will you buy the 2 or 4 door?

    Gotta get the 4 door, I've got 4 kids. I would really want the 2 door, but the 4 door is a necessity. I think this thread points out why the 2 door SUV is dying. Many people here like the 2 door better, that's where my heart is. The 4 door just fits my life and family better.
  14. Full Size Bronco

    I would much rather see the return of the excursion, based on the f250. I've got 4 kids and my crazy wife is taking about #5. A giant 3rd row SUV that can easily pull a 35 foot rv? With the 6.7 or 7.3? Lifted on 37s? Yes please!
  15. Bronco Hybrid

    I don't even trust a basic turbo engine fully, adding electric and batteries is a bridge way too far. Give me a basic gas engine please. Simpler the better...
  16. Brazil gets what some of us want!!!! in the troller

    Reminds me of the Suzuki jimny... Another little badass offroader we will never get because of our government's heavy handed regulations I am convinced a simple and cheap (under 20k) offroad SUV would do gangbusters here if someone was brave enough to try.
  17. Type of tires you want

    We have a thread for wheels. We have one for tire size. How about a thread for tire type/model/brand... I've got copper stt pro on my current offroader and they are great, also not too expensive. I think that's what I want on the bronco... They look aggressive and do great in the mud and...
  18. Ford patents removable roof frame and repackable airbags for 2021 Bronco?

    I'm with ya. If there is an option for a solid non removable roof, that's the one I want. And no sun/moon roof. If it has the removable hard shell like the old ones, that's fine but I will never remove it. It will be my hunting rig and it regularly gets below zero and snows where I go.
  19. What wheels will you want?

    Cheap black pro comp steal. Small as I can fit, with as big of mud tires as I can fit around em.