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  1. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?'s to hoping you eat your foot! :)
  2. 7-speed shift pattern

    I'd imagine the shift pattern to be more like the Vette. And the manual will suggest taking off in 2nd gear.
  3. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    Why is a V8 so unreasonable? It's not like they don't have V8's in their parts bin. My Bronco, when I get one, will have a V8 and manual transmission in it. I'd rather Ford do it from factory but if not....I'll do it myself. I fixed my Gen 1 Lightning by putting the TKO from my Mustang in that.
  4. Unofficially Official? June 7th Debut

    No way. Tom would make that thing look huge. Ford wants people to know it's a small SUV. Maybe they'll throw The Rock in it as a cameo?
  5. Spy Video, Underbody / Suspension and Interior Closeups of 2021 Bronco Prototype!

    Seems lane keep assist is malfunctioning. Might be a problem to look out for. /s
  6. I've found the tires I'm gunna put on my bronco!

    I was right there....get it!
  7. Will you buy the 2 or 4 door?

    Two door is the only type I would get. But I'll probably wait to get a base model with a manual transmission (probably the only way Ford will offer the manual) to make the V8 swap with a TKO easier. That'll be down the line of course.
  8. all Bronco event, May 16th in central Mass.

    Cool!! I'm just an hour south of there. So this is open to all Fords? Maybe I'll bring my Lightning!
  9. Starting to like Mondays!

    Haha!! I'm not a masochist! That would be torture!
  10. Starting to like Mondays!

    I hope so. I'll check back in after work or tomorrow morning.
  11. Starting to like Mondays!

    And they stopped.
  12. Moaoun renders

    BONESTOCK in Holland, MA. I'll get ya taken care of. ;)
  13. Motor1 Renderings

    hhmmmm...yeah....maybe that's what is it. If that's the case good. I don't care for it and it looks so plain jane that the baby B can have it.
  14. Motor1 Renderings

  15. Names and faces

    I'm BONESTOCK. That's it. BONE STOCK. I don't have a face piece.
  16. 7.3L in the Bronco?!

    Oh yeah!! That last video just shows how little this guy is! It's gonna be in everything! I'm putting this in my Gen 1 Lightning!
  17. 7.3L in the Bronco?!

    I fits in a fox body. Should easily fit in the new Bronco!
  18. 7.3L in the Bronco?!

    Yup. Says it weighs just about the same as my 351 Windsor in the Gen 1.