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  1. DustyD

    California Check-in

    Central Coast (Pismo Beach area) here. I'm going the same route w/ the Bronco. In order to get the hell away from as much weekend housework as possible (and spend better time with the kids), we use our travel trailer a lot and add in as many hike-in camping trips as we can. As the Bronco gets...
  2. DustyD

    Bronco - Ford Creative Designer Job Listing

    I can read forums for info and make some awesome crayon drawings (with the colors I don’t like to eat). Hope that qualifies me. I’ll also accept beer for design influences... Seriously though, it shows there’s plans for more in the future w/ the a Bronco nameplate.
  3. DustyD

    Your first Bronco mods will be?

    There are so many unknowns it's hard to define this list, but here are some ideas if the stock variants are sub-par. Suspension + wheels & tires. Bumpers + lights Roof rack for bikes/paddle boards/kayaks + storage for fishing/hunting/camping gear ( & a rooftop tent if I can afford it someday)...
  4. DustyD

    Ford Patents Light Weight Removable Body Door System with Built-In Tube Doors for 2021 Ford Bronco

    I’d like the tailgate too, but they have a lot of cool aftermarket drop-down benches for swing gates nowadays if it goes the other way.
  5. DustyD

    Bronco humor thread

    I wanted to stay with Ford (my family and I had only owned FMC), but I test-drove all the trucks I could when I wanted to make my last purchase and the Titan was the most comfortable for me at the time. I also have an Armada for that reason, and have never had any problems with either. I tow...
  6. DustyD

    New Full Length Official Bronco Prototype Testing Video

    Yeah it's a newer video. It only had 200 views when I watched it 5 minutes ago and has already doubled. Curious to see the count at the end of the day!
  7. DustyD

    New Full Length Official Bronco Prototype Testing Video

    I'm just happy Ford is pushing out some information to us "insiders" via a newsletter. Any movement by FMC is exciting after looking at a sheet and a featureless web page for god knows how long now. Hope the "spy" pics and these kinds of announcements are just building momentum for the...
  8. DustyD

    List of 2021 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

    I’m lame and wanted white anyway, so I’m happy. It seems like the pallet is aimed at being rugged, not loud (and not traditional). A lot of overlanding and built-up off-road trucks have flat colors in greys, blacks, and tans- or are wrapped like that. All the booth vehicles I saw at SHOT show...
  9. DustyD

    Full Size Bronco

    Same for me! Ford would get a lot of money from me by offering that- I’d couple it with a two door Bronco (right now I’m leaning towards the four door). That combo would look nice in the driveway!
  10. DustyD

    What's next?

    Yup, nicely done. Now for less camo and an interior shot...
  11. DustyD

    2-Door 2021 Bronco Prototype Makes Grand First Appearance, Bombing Through Snow and Catching Air!

    I thought the same thing seeing the GIF. I found myself compensating by making engine noises while watching.
  12. DustyD

    2-Door 2021 Bronco Prototype Makes Grand First Appearance, Bombing Through Snow and Catching Air!

    YESS!! Awesome. I miss bombing around in the snow!! The "spy" must have been wearing this: Proportions look good to me. Right hand on the wheel means not on a manual shift knob?? Reaching I know...
  13. DustyD

    Brazil gets what some of us want!!!! in the troller

    I was referencing the article. I was also referencing that a lot of people here have made those must-haves for the Bronco at one point or another and would be pissed if one of those options (manual & V8) were not available when it's released.
  14. DustyD

    Brazil gets what some of us want!!!! in the troller

    The Troller is cool (if you overlook the paint job). I wonder if Brazilians are pissed it doesn't have a manual transmission or a V8?
  15. DustyD

    Starting to like Mondays!

    Obviously don't have my $h!t together since I haven't done that yet. Thanks
  16. DustyD

    Starting to like Mondays!

    TGIM! But I'm still keeping a tab open and checking the site every five minutes.
  17. DustyD

    Moaoun renders

    If they get the one-fiddy released then we can get on to the Bronco... (APR?)
  18. DustyD

    Ford becomes "Official Vehicle" of King of the Hammers; does this mean Bronco will be there?

    I didn’t know the Troller had solid axles, that’s cool. I remember hearing that they were basing some of the Bronco design off it- not to say that specific trait carried over (darn). It always seemed like a cool vehicle to me.