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  1. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    It's kind of funny, as there are going to be coyote broncos (even blown one's) and Ford/Roush would be crazy not to cash in on that.
  2. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    Because it can be done (VERY easily and reliably). Not so with a 2.7 ECO .......... And if the bronc came with a coyote, there would be a factory supported blown coyote bronco with warantee, just like the stang and F150 have.........
  3. We might not be missing much by not getting the coyote

    Many have blown up at those levels too, it's a crapshoot at those numbers, as they are on the edge of expecting really good reliability chances. At least go turbo, so you aren't wasting 130+ HP just to get that 850.
  4. Does anybody else think people are setting themselves up to be disappointed no matter what?

    They don't win in loaded MPG and they don't win in throttle response. They certainly don't win in ultimate power if you FI the V-8. And yes, I get that most won't care about any of that in the new bronco
  5. Locking Transfer Case

    Kinda the same as it was in 78 (left knob, and no diff locks back then of course). They didn't use locking front hubs either, they were permanently "locked" in.........
  6. I feel like this is a lot of us right now

    I'm not so much worried about that stuff while it's new, but I keep my cars in some cases over 30 years (getting very expensive and difficult to get EEC-IV's now). Will whatever control system Tesla uses now, even be available in 2050? Maybe it's easier to just rip the whole thing out and...
  7. We might not be missing much by not getting the coyote

    LOL.. "Only" pushed it to 850 at the wheels and wonders why it blew up.............
  8. Engine Changes

    2.7 had significant cylinder head issues early on too, but seem fixed now.
  9. Engine Changes

    A larger engine. tuned less aggressively per it's size, will virtually always last longer. That and the 2.7 was designed from the get go for a half ton truck, 2.3 was made for the MKC first I I believe (and then mustang). Also, two turbos @ 325 HP are working much easier than one @ 310 HP (or...
  10. Engine Changes

    The one thing the 2.7 would have over the 2.3 is turbo response. 2 small turbos going to be much better than one big one.
  11. Short bed raptor is *not* bronco related

    Close, orange, white, and blue........... :)
  12. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Glad that that park is still going, as the owners really got screwed by a corrupt local Pa judge that "stole" that land from them. They put a paved road across the rock field that makes a neat pic every year...
  13. 2021 Bronco engines - I need at least a V6

    My dealer said the biggest problem is you can't reseal any of the pans. He said they can't get all the RTV off any old one and it has to be a really solid, oil free seal, or it won't work. So basically every time you seal it, you have to buy a new pan.
  14. 2021 Bronco engines - I need at least a V6

    Hope they re-desgined that plastic oil pan. I just got my 3rd pan last week (second leaked immediately right at the dealer, so they said) and it's apparently not just Fusions.
  15. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    Yes, that's sounds like it. Never did get out there, but IIRC, it was a much smaller place with not as extreme terrain.
  16. Official: Bronco Reveal Coming March! Bronco Sport Reveal Follows in April

    Have to wonder if Ford is going to go deeper on gears if you can really get 35's and manual. 4.30's maybe? (assuming both 6/7 are overdrives) Anyway, I sort of did the same thing with 33's, T-18 (6.32 first), with 3.50 gears, making 4th a sort of effective OD. We've had discussions on...
  17. Quality control

    Just thought it was comical how he's claiming "reliability problems for almost all vehicles are overblown" , yet just the other day it was " Sounds like the new 2018+ Coyote sucks.", due to supposed reliability problem.
  18. Quality control
  19. ¡ Bronco Will Not Get A Disconnecting Sway Bar !

    No, it was funny as heck. :clap: I've wondered if Ford was going to come up with some kind of killer traction control to help overcome not having a wheel on the ground. In theory, you have all the weight on that one tire, it should have pretty good traction IF you can turn that diff into...
  20. The IFS vs SFA Thread

    It was supposed to be made into a FEDEX airport. Bottom line is there was a huge amount of money and politics that forced the owners to sell and open a park in Ohio or Mich, IIRC. Then "someone" finally figured out the place is one big valley. I never could figure out where they were going to...