1. Philly

    Spotted: 2-Door Cactus Gray Badlands Sasquatch With Fastback Soft Top

    Hi everyone, just saw this bad boy parked at Don's of Traverse City in Novi this morning and grabbed a couple pictures! Sorry I couldn't get more or better detail. The engineer was in it and I am working with one arm at the moment (just had shoulder surgery). I also wasn't driving and my driver...
  2. BruckinFonco

    Rendering: Fastback Hardtop on Four Door

    My wife and I have been pretty set on the two-door but after discussing our needs more and the type of driving and usage we're anticipating, we are now leaning towards the four-door. If we go that route, it needs to be a hardtop and I'd really like for it to have a fastback silhouette. I spent a...
  3. 618TRVLWILD

    📷 Factory: 2-Door Fastback Top Broncos + Warthog 37" BFG KO2 Tires

    Stig got some shots of many of the builds 2 door especially rocking the Fastbacks.. Plus added bonus pics of a 37" BFG KO2 A/T tire for the Warthog! Carbonized Gray Big Bend Rapid Red Outer Banks Oxford White Outer Banks Iconic Silver Base Cyber Orange Sasquatch Interior of fastback top...