heritage edition

  1. South Carolina SOLD - Heritage Edition Wheels

    less than 200 miles on these wheels. Replaced them for Method wheels... looking for $700 OBO.. Not willing to ship. I live in Greenville, South Carolina
  2. Mustard - Heritage Limited Build (Yellowstone Bronco)

    Picked up the new Bronco on October 18 and putting her to the test in stock form! Ended up with a 2023 Heritage Limited 4 door that we were lucky to find on the lot when we stopped in to chat on a 2024 order. Named her Mustard due to the distinctive yellow color. Very impressed with the...
  3. Heritage Edition - Supply Chain delays

    Sadly, I received an email from Ford (yesterday 7/26) indicating my 2-door/MT/Mid-Package Heritage Edition has been delayed due to supply chain issues with a build date - week of 7/17. When looking at the order tracking site, almost every day in July, it indicated it was in production as of...
  4. Michigan Sold: WTB/WTT HE Top (willing to drive)

    Looking to trade my new MIC 2.0 hardtop for HE top plus pay you cash. Or looking to buy HE hard top. I’m willing to travel to many states!
  5. Bronco Sport Heritage Grille swap install?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2022 Sport Outer Banks. Is it possible to swap out my grille for a heritage edition grille? Any feedback/thoughts would be great! Thanks!
  6. Heritage Edition Bronco in Production!

    I was notified yesterday that my 2dr Heritage Edition is in production! Today they added the window sticker. So excited to know I'll have this soon. I'm a day 1, within the first 2hrs, reservation holder and I'm getting it from Granger. UPDATE - 3/24 Called Ford due to lack of email updates...
  7. Purchased Ford OEM 2023 Bronco Heritage Grill + Letters! Part # M2DZ-8200-HBPTM + M2DZ-8A224-CAPTM

    So as I perused eBay, I found something very interesting. I found a 2023 Ford OEM Bronco Heritage Grill. Part # M2DZ-8200-HBPTM for the grill and Part # M2DZ-8A224-CAPTM for the letter emblems. Contacted my local Idaho dealer with the part number and they confirmed it as an actual Ford...