2021 Bronco Dimensions (2 & 4 Door) - Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase, Track for Sasquatch and all trims


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Jul 31, 2020
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Don’t forget the rear camera pole that protrudes just beyond the face of the spare tire even on the Sasquatch. That’s included in the length of the vehicle since it’s fixed. So while everyone thinks the length includes the spare, well technically it includes the pole. This is why the length of the truck doesn’t change based on trim or thickness of the spare tire mounted on back. Thinner tire just means more camera pole exposed.

And it further reflects that the actual vehicle is much smaller than the overall dimensions imply. The camera mounting pole is probably 14” from the face of the tailgate. Given it slightly protrudes the 12.4” thick sas tire and the tire isn’t exactly snug to the tailgate. There’s probably at least an inch gap between the tire and tailgate. Although almost half that distance is in the mounting bracket, so don’t think youll have some massive pole sticking out the back without the spare.

But yeah don’t think of this as a 189” long truck when comparing it to others. Thankfully the tailgate is like 2” thick versus a regular tailgate that is sloped and has a 5” thick door, plus another 4” in the bumper (since bronco bumper is included is that 14” deduction). So the interior packaging of the 189” four door is probably more like 182” equivalent truck if you do the math. 189-14-2+5+4 182. And again not having a sloped tailgate picks up some more usability over that 182” benchmark.

And when people say jeez the 4 door cargo depth is like 8” shorter than other midsized SUVs, well that’s why. Those SUVs are 190” and as noted above the bronco packaging is effectively 182”. 8” shorter. Coincidence? Nope. But again the height of the cargo is HUGE and the window isnt sloped so you pick up more useable cargo, actually a little bit more, when compared to those midsized SUVs.

Oh and the only difference in length is for the badlands and that’s due to the steels bumpers and has nothing to do with tire.
Excellent knowledge base and the ability to express the relevant factors. Thank you.