Aftermarket lift for IFS and Sasquatch suspension

Oct 31, 2020
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Salt Lake City
2011 LT Taco
You can lift an IFS, but what do you want to do with your vehicle? If you will truly use it off-road I would look at a long travel kit or just some new coilovers and upper control arms.

I have a 2011 tacoma that has a +3.5 long travel kit on it with a spring under kit with 16" bypasses through the bed. I grew up driving around the deserts in SoCal and the long travel suspension is great for adding more articulation along with softening up bumps off-road.

I now live in Utah and do more slower stuff but my truck has so much articulation my tires are always on contact with the ground. One of the benefits of a long travel kit.

The long travel kit adds 7" of track width increase in the front and extended axles are required to maintain 4wd. The overall "lift" is 4" and CV angle is maintained since the upper and lower control arms are increased in length over stock. The amount of travel is 14" with 4wd in the front and the rear has 18".

A setup like this cost me about $10k over time, building it in stages (front first and then the rear).

For the bronco, I assume companies like Total Chaos or Camburg will offer upper control arms initially and then a long travel kit down the road.

Simply adding different upper control arms will allow more articulation off-road since the uniball will be able to move more over a stock ball joint. Throw in some aftermarket coilovers and you will probably get 2" of lift with stock geometry. The aftermarket coilovers will be an investment of around $2000 but you can get them rebuilt. Once the factory shocks wear out you will have to pony up some $$ to get new ones. Just switching out upper control arms and getting a decent set of coilovers with remote resi, will be around $3000.

Just my $.02