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Jul 23, 2020
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Q&A has started... we are live updating this list, so keep refreshing (newest answers will be on top).
* answers list excludes generic 'stay tuned' or unhelpful questions/answers

Q: Will there be a sliding tray available for the 2 door model to level the loading area with the seats like in the 4 door?
A: No, this will only be for the 4-door.

Q: What axle gear ratios will be available?
A: Bronco 2-door and 4-door are available with: 3.73, 4.27, 4.46, 4.7.

Q: Will the Base model Bronco be available with a tow package?
A: It's not available on the Base Bronco, but can be purchased as an aftermarket accessory.

Q: Will the 2-Door Base w/ Sasquatch mode be available with a manual transmission?
A: Sasquatch package is only available with auto right now, let us know what you think about a manual combo.

Q: Will the electronic sway bar disconnect be available as a stand-alone option on the Wildtrak and/or Black Diamond trim?
A: The sway bar disconnect is only available on Badlands and First Edition.

Q: How much will the Sasquatch package cost? Also, cost of the v6 and 10 speed transmission?
A: We'll be sharing pricing this fall before ordering begins this December.

Q: Can items from the Sasquatch Package be opted out of, like the oversized fenders?
A: Sasquatch has big feet and needs big fenders. They are not optional.

Q: Does the Sasquatch package come with wheels with silver/gray paint OR chrome? I do not like all black wheels.
A: There are two different ring colors available on the wheels depending on the series you select. There will also be additional ring color options from

Q: Will all Broncos that opt for the 2.7L upgrade receive the 'Sport' GOAT mode similar to the Wildtrak?
A: No, G.O.A.T. modes are determined based on the series of your Bronco not the engine you select.

Q: Is the max towing on the 4 door Bronco 3500 lbs or is it still being tested with the tow package?
A: Max available towing is 3500 lbs.

Q: Are the upfitter auxiliary switches pre-wired to both the front and back of the vehicle?
A: Yes, the switches are wired to a fuse box under the hood.

1. On the black Diamond I would like to get the Sasquatch package. Can I get the 2.3 engine instead of the 2.7 (do want automatic)
2. How much room between back of seat to steering wheel if seat all the way back?

1) Yes, you can get a Black Diamond with Sasquatch, a 2.3L engine, and a 10 speed auto. 2) We are looking for our tape measures.

1. Sasquatch package limit articulation and travel compared to Badlands package?
2. 2.3L factory tune offered with manual transmission?
3. Manual transmission with 35" tires be available for model year 2021?
4. Manual transmission with 2.7L be available for model year 2021?

1. Correct, with 35" tires articulation is slightly limited vs. 33" tires.
2. We will have more to announce on accessories soon.
3. We hear you and are listening.
4. No.

Q: My wife is a smaller person. How heavy are the doors and can a single person take them off?
A: We designed them to be as easy to lift and remove as possible. The heaviest door on the 4-door Bronco will be a little over 50 pounds and can be stored in the cargo space.

Q: Will a Sasquatch Outer Banks still have painted fender flares?
A: No, they are not painted.

Q: Rumor has it Ford is going to offer a 2” lift running on 37” tires . True or false ?
A: Sorry we can't comment on future products.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the supplied roof rack as it looks to attach in the front and rear with no mid support?
A: 110 lbs. while in motion and 450 lbs. parked.

Q: What are you expecting for MPGs?
A: We'll release this information in the future. Stay tuned.

1. Sasquatch with a manual don’t care which engine makes it happen?
2. 5.29 ring and pinion option?
3. Possible lower gear set for the T-case?
4. Rubber floor,vinal interior,sway bar disco,lockers “al a cart”?

1. We hear you and are listening
2. & 3. These will not be available from the factory
4. Rear lockers are available on most series as a free standing option and front & rear combo lockers are available on all series with Sasquatch.

Q: Will there be a roof rack system that allows total roof removal?
A: Our roof rack is designed to allow the 2 front row panels to be removed on the 4-door Bronco, and the 2 front row roof panels on the 2-door Bronco to be removed with the roof rack in place.

Q: Are people going to be able to see the 2 and 4 door in person as well as color options before placing their order in December? Lots of anxiety about this topic in the forums.
A: The Bronco 2- and 4-door build and price will go live before ordering begins in December. There will be some events where people can see the Broncos in person but events are limited due to the pandemic.

Q: Since the bronco has an auto on/off stop feature does it have a brake hold feature?
A: Hill start assist is standard on all Bronco 2-door and 4-door.

Q: Are the cabin drain plugs in all trims or just the “rubberized flooring/washout interior” and are the in both front/rear rows?
A: Active drain plugs are only available with the rubberized flooring. There are passive drain plugs in all 2- and 4-door Broncos.

Q: What is included in the tow package? Do broncos without a tow package still include a hitch?
A: Trailer tow package comes with an optional 2" receiver hitch and trailer wiring connector.
Will there be an option have black painted wheel flares on outterbank?


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Jul 26, 2020
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Sorry if this has been covered. Which models will be offering body colored tops for 2Dr and at what price?


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Jul 29, 2020
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Reno, Nv
For sure! Badlands stock is a beast. Taking it with 33 A/T’s and getting some 35 M/T’s for the off-road fun!
My current 4runner has 33s with a rear locker and 4.88s and has been great on and off road. But with the additional power in the Bronco, the 4.46s and 33s should be a killer combo in the BL trim. But if they allow me to get a la carte 4.7s, then I’m going 35s because why wouldn’t I? Haha


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Jul 21, 2020
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When in August is the Build and Price day ?
Dude I’m wondering if it’s still happening in august. I saw them comment about pricing will be available in the fall.