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Jul 18, 2021
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2005 Jeep LJ, 2015 Porsche Macan
I’m officially out. My original decision to buy a Bronco was based on the need for a comfortable daily driver. I ordered a loaded up Badlands early on Day 2. Since then all my dealer has told is to be patient through the delays. While I love the aesthetics of the Bronco I’ve come to think it will not suit my needs as much as I’d thought so I started looking around. Yesterday I pulled the trigger on a new Macan S. Since I also have a capable Chevy 4WD pickup for off road needs/fun the Badlands seemed like more than I needed and a compromise to the performance & luxury equation offered by the Macan S. Now that I’ve written the big check at the Porsche dealer I have no doubt I’ll get an email from Ford telling my Bronco is about to be built! I truly hope Ford gets this launch in high gear soon and you all get the Bronco’s you’ve ordered. I’ve seen a few in the wild and at the dealer and they do look absolutely awesome.
I can relate! I sold my 2015 Macan S which I loved, as I made the move from Virginia to Idaho. Carvana paid me half of what I paid for it 7 years ago, pretty sweet. Then my Bronco continued to get pushed out with no delivery in sight,, so I spent about what a Macan costs and bought a brand new f-150 tremor. I sure do miss the sportiness and sound system of the Macan, but for this location a truck makes more sense …and stands out a lot less. Drive a Porsche around here and stick out like a sore thumb, spend as much or more on a truck and blend right in.

I figure if my Bronco ever comes in, I can sell the truck and not have lost much $ with the way used vehicle prices are these days.

Holley (Ford Fest banner)