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Sep 2, 2021
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High Point, NC
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I feel like I'm going to go through a few changes in my build because I dunno...long wait time so lots of opportunity to go through the various builds.
Anyways I started with my initial order on 10/14/2021 with a 2dr CO 2.7L Badlands with Lux and Tow. This was mostly based off of the Big Bend demo with a 2.7 Sasquatch package test drive I did.

In the back of my mind I kept thinking about the manual though...

Well that stayed in my mind and finally I decided I do miss rowing gears and all that entails. So I went down to the dealer today and changed my order to the 2.3L Manual Badlands 2dr. Kept the LUX and Tow because well it's a 2dr and I don't think dropping LUX or Tow would make things happen any sooner..cuz that's just 2dr life.

I did see that in addition to the 2dr Big Bend Demo, they had a 4dr Badlands 2.7L Sasquatch with LUX and Tow Softop that had been abandoned.
Anyways it was nice to sit in it and I could almost see myself with a 4dr (if I found one like that without ADM). Still think the 2dr manual is going to be more fun. That 12" screen is beautiful. Loved the marine grade vinyl seats and the placement of just about everything. B pillar was a bit annoying, but not overly so for my seat height / position. Still on Team 2dr though it just fits my lifestyle (single, kids grown and most ppl irritate me in general so why would I want to cart them around :D)

I tried to get them to sell it to me at MSRP and told them they could keep my order when it comes in, but they wouldn't budge from their 20K markup :) I was like well good luck with that :) I'll wait for my order.

I'm sure in the next year or so I'll probably change my mind a few times...who knows...if Ford announces a hybrid for 2023 or 2024...I'd be tempted again. Or if I just get fed up with waiting I may just go to my backup of a Jeep 4xe or a Gladiator (though I don't think that will fit in the garage...that thing is a boat)